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The Scoop on Scoops

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A couple questions have been asked about the various types and sizes of DC-3/C-47/R4D engine air intake scoops atop the nacelles. To alleviate the confusion, including my own, I went to our subject matter expert, Captain Russ Strine, MAAM President, chief pilot, and restorer of the R4D. I asked Russ, "There seems to be a difference of opinion in the R4D/DC-3 fan community that perhaps you can settle. One theory says the long scoops are "high blower" scoops and since civil DC-3's were not allowed to use high blower, they are not seen on post-war Douglas's. Others think they have to do with the particular model of the 1830 installed. Also, why are the long ones called "desert scoops"? There seem to be small, medium, and these largest scoops on some models, and I am talking only of P&W powered DC-3's. What's the straight poop on scoops?"Russ replied... "Straight poop is this! Wright powered DC3

Bill Rambow



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