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  1. Oh, that's sneaky!!! FS9 makes this the only 0 based numbered item!!! (read: Thanks Jan, commencing self-inflicted forehead slapping now!!) *grin*
  2. After a search of the forum, I see no answer to getting the (A:EXIT OPEN:2,percent) to work. I know Jan espouses sending the info to an L:var in a click event, but in the scenario I have, that's not an option... only trying to read the state/percentage of Exit 2.
  3. >This thread makes baby ******* cry. I'm surprised so many>people buy practically every add on out there, but abandon>them so fast.I have plenty of dusty payware planes (gobs in fact), but I use the "movie rationalization" to assuage my ego... if I use a plane for 2-4 hours and it costs the same or less than going to a movie and all those associated costs, I'm generally okay with it. (if it is/was a particularly expensive plane, I of course have to add in the "cost of gas getting to the movie rationalization" (patent pending) *grin*)
  4. >Is there a particular reason you are bumping a thread almost>a year old?Yes.
  5. >A word of advice regards the upcoming C-130...I would be>EXREMELY suprised if it has any bugs, as it is not simply a>Captain Sim product. It is being released in cooperation with>Just Flight Ltd, and for this reason a buggy product is a>no-no.>>Regards,>>Al.And? ROFL!
  6. E

    C-130 Manuals?

    Here's another company to try...http://www.flight-manuals-on-cd.com/C130.html(I've never had any dealings with them, so I have no idea how this company is)
  7. E

    C-130 Manuals?

    The free upgrade was supposed to replace the pdf with a proprietary reader. (that's why I never really pursued it... that and I obtained a hard copy of the -1 I wanted, while waiting for my original order.) As I said, I cannot recommend them. If you run into -1's on CD, on something like E-bay, other comapnies often advertise they don't have any of these hassles. I believe those disclaimers refer to Eflight.
  8. E

    C-130 Manuals?

    I have not had a good experience with eflight. I only received my order after calling the credit card phone number for over a month and leaving messages. No answer to emails. Finally I caught someone at home and then they did send the cd. The cd was fine, but the copy protection is a pain in that a new adobe reader barfs on the file you need to install in adobe to read the protected pdf.Then last summer they said they'd upgrade everyone's cd. They didn't.Perhaps my experience is unique, but I recommend avoiding them and getting a real -1 from somewhere else like E-bay. Also note, there was at least one other -1 on CD company out there, but I forget the name/URL.
  9. >pointing out that it is a shame to see a community member pull>such a stupid stunt.I heard he was a hard core member of the pac-man community as well, which of course, outweighs any FS affiliations, as the pac-man commmunity is well known to harbor subversives and people trying to get away with a quick jaunt elsewhere. *grin*
  10. If so, then I've missed it. *grin*
  11. I have the NZ Cat group CD, it doesn't work well in FS9. Mike Stone's is fine and has the best price, but personally I want a VC. I love the Alphasim PBY. And, I've had nothing but good in dealing with Alphasim, so there wasn't much question in my mind when I purchased it. *grin*
  12. >Thanks for the reply. Is there another way to make the>hydraulic go on and off with out having to go to the menu to>renable the system? at the moment I am using dummy gauges and>would like the hydraulic system not to work untill the>switches are enabled.You could use code similar to the throttle axis setting for each flight control and gear... if your (L:var,bool) or (G:Var1) isn't true, and the flight controls are moved beyond neutral, you can force them back to zero (you get a fight like above, but it doesn't limit things severely).
  13. >I am trying to make a switch that turns the Hydraulics on and>off. I have looked through the forum and found out that you>can use K:TOGGLE_HYDRAULIC_FAILURE, and this turns the>hydraulics on and off. But what goes in the . I have>been banging my head against the wall for the last two days>trying to work this out. :-grrActually, failure toggles only toggle a failure and won't reenable a system (you need to go to the menus to "un-fail" it).(>K:TOGGLE_HYDRAULIC_FAILURE)>Also added apu using engine 3 but when throttles are advanced>the engine increase speed, is ther anyway to stop this?You can sort of... test for any indication the engine has gone beyond idle (it. throttle position, N1, etc) then use an AXIS SET. i.e. (A:GENERAL ENG3 THROTTLE LEVER POSITION,percent) 0 > if{ 0 (>K:AXIS_THROTTLE3_SET) }What it should do is continually set the logical throttle to zero, while your physical throttle will continually try to set it to match the physical throttle. So you'll end up with a fight, probably making the logical throttle bounce between 0% and 10%'ish.Of course, I've not tried any of the above, so your mileage may vary.
  14. For your project I'd use (A:sim on ground,bool) as a test to automatically "raise" the gear. Once the "gear" is "up" (dolly dropped), then I'd constantly test the gear handle for staying in the up position. Then if the gear handle is not "up," I'd automatically move it/trigger it/toggle it back up. I'd also set the gauge frequency rather high to avoid as much "dolly magically returning animation" as possible.
  15. >I wish they updated their Hercules VC to be more clickable>with better textures. I was disappointed at the quality of it,>and unfortunately am not too anxious anymore about the captain>sim version....It is an old model now. And it does beat vaporware! *grin*
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