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    I got into flight sim as a way to reinforce my RW PPL training, I have stayed with it, because the hobby is getting so good and so immersive.
  1. I have been lurking on here for a while, this might be the set that gets me back into flightsim. I have made this same flight IRL and I miss being up. Great shots
  2. Nice I have XPX running at 4K on my rig with SLI titans(SLI is no longer a benefit with the latest builds) I use photoscenery so my Vram usage is obscene... but it's worth it.
  3. I think those were called "minidisc" and they never took off in the States likes they did in Japan.
  4. I don't usually geek out over a release, but the Duke is my all time favorite FSX(or any sim) craft for it's speed, smooth 3d panel, flyability. I used it to practice cross countries, and IFR when I was taking IFR lessons. I am literally slavering over the chance to buy this update.
  5. LOL, I am even worse, I instead of simming or passionately arguing my opinions, I come here to SPECTATE other people's arguments.
  6. This hobby has gotten so complicated... If everyone could please post their agendas in their signature, I could keep track of who I am supposed to be outraged with. Thanks pp
  7. Wow, that's so sad. I used FS-GS on two different builds in the past and loved dealing with Michael as a straight-shooter. Condolences to his family.
  8. Yes, go to the controller page on the very right is a tab, click on that and you'll see the track-ri button.The track IR becomes the mouse in the "mouse look views" just assign that to a button on your joystick and you are ready to go.
  9. IRIS is a good developer, a small family run operation from Australia, and there's no need to cast aspersions at them here.Your problem is that you need [GRAPHICS]HIGHMEMFIX=1in you FSX.cfg.That's probably going to solve the problem.Then rebuild the shaders as pmanhart suggested.Also I don't know what your machine specs are but it seems like you are running out of Vram, so try reducing you settings next.
  10. *RESOLVED*deleted the shaders folder in FSX and replaced with a backup(I always keep a full backup of the base FSX install folder somewhere on my PCs), deleted the shaders folder in local settings/application data, and all was well again.Thanks for you help guys.
  11. Yep ground up Reinstall. The only thing I changed in my shaders was the cloud fix. "Boot New Materal = False;"
  12. Hey Guys I did an OS up reinstall when I added a second graphics card and now I have this problem as pictured.I can't seem to get rid of it, also when the sky looks right there are way too few cloudsThis is a clean install, clean 197.13 drivers, clean config in the default flight over Orbx Friday Harbour and I still can't get rid of it, any ideas.Also I turned Dawn/Dusk Smoothing OffThis system in a Core 17 @ 4.2 with 6 GB ram, WinXP 64, and two GTX 280 video cards in SLI. SLI is disabled currently. I am using nhancer.
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