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    I got into flight sim as a way to reinforce my RW PPL training, I have stayed with it, because the hobby is getting so good and so immersive.
  1. PingPong

    KEYW to KSRQ

    I have been lurking on here for a while, this might be the set that gets me back into flightsim. I have made this same flight IRL and I miss being up. Great shots
  2. PingPong

    Words I need to share with our Community

    Wow You are such a wonderful, selfless person. Thank you so much for all of your contributions to the FS community. I wish I could do something to help you.
  3. PingPong


    Love X-plane for helis Nice shots!
  4. PingPong

    Jon Patch dies

    Wow, RIP Jon.
  5. Wow, you have a real talent for building your sim environments. I always look forwards to your shots. I must say, I think these are your best.
  6. You have really fine-tuned your sim into a thing of beauty.
  7. I think that PC is more suited to playing the latest FarCry on a 4k triple screen setup. Also, if you are running into 32 bit Ram limitations with your current setup(which honestly sounds really good for FSX), then you will run into them again $5000 later, after buying a new machine. Take a good look at your FSX setup(since you mentioned you fly the PMDG 777, switching to P3D is out). Look hard for things you can edit out of the scenery cfg, etc... maybe try that demo of that thread optimizing program. Good luck
  8. Nice I have XPX running at 4K on my rig with SLI titans(SLI is no longer a benefit with the latest builds) I use photoscenery so my Vram usage is obscene... but it's worth it.
  9. Great Shots! You know one of the greatest things about XPX is the portable, mobile install. i have had the same SSD with a working install of XPX for like 3 years, ever since XP-10 came out. It has followed me from computer to computer. No big multi-day reinstall proceedure.
  10. PingPong

    Hooked on CoD!

    LOL I thought you meant Call of Duty.
  11. The TV is bought has both DP and HDMI 2.0, it's just unfortunate that the graphics card is limited to DP. So I figured the display is somewhat future proof, the Titans, not so much. Still it is an amazing view, I haven't been flgiht simming as much lately, I am using mostly racing sims, and Assetto Corsa with a wide FOV (I have it at 3840 x 1440), and a ffb wheel is amazing. DX 11 graphics and 60 fps steady with bloom, crepuscular rays etc... really breath taking.
  12. I have not seen any, from my research, the banding artifacts were primarily with the larger 65" models, I have the (relatively) smaller 58".
  13. I am only driving the one monitor, since it takes up my whole field of vision. I actually wanted a Samsung curved display, but when I looked into it, i saw that if you want 60 fps refresh rate at 4k, it needed HDMI 2, which the nvidia cards do not support. Since display port is what the cards support now, I went with the Panasonic, as it was the only display port model available. This was in the summer, things may have changed since...
  14. Your shots are always incredible, I only wish they were bigger .