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  1. Further investigation reveals its not just on landing. I loaded a flight up using a random grass airstrip, and the engines failed after a few seconds of just sitting at idle with brakes on. Very strange!
  2. Whilst I realise that with its lack of ground clearance and prop clearance, the Turbo Commander is not an aircraft you would generally use on bush flying type airstrip surfaces, I have seen one operating on a very smooth and fine gravel runway. Unfortunately it seems that there is engine damage hard coded into the Carenado model, that precludes using the aircraft on any landing surface other than tarmac. Just wondering if anyone else has noticed this, and/or is bothered by it? I'm all for realism, but regardless of the aircraft's suitability for the role, I'd like to be able to take the risk if I want to, without an automatic double engine failure as soon as I land on gravel or dirt. The included aircraft checklist makes reference to not using full reverse if landing on dirt - but it doesn't say DON'T land on gravel or dirt. Any thoughts? Cheers. Al.
  3. Hi everyone,I was wondering if the SCS Tu-134 is available at any other sites, other than their own one 'www.sovclassim.org'.Pretty much all the links on their website return a '404' error, so I can't download it. Thought I had it backed up somewhere, but after searching my CD-R backups of FS downloads, I don't.I believe older versions are available from other sites, but I'm after 'SCS-Tu-134-v1.0.0.zip'.Regards,Al.EDIT - Sorry, found links for alternative downloads at the Project Tupolev forums - Wonderful thing the flightsim community - the answer is usually only just around the corner!
  4. alsummers


    Captain Sim's website is indeed somewhat misleading, and is hardly 'clear' about what you do, and do not get with its C-130 expansion packs. They have covered themselves, in so much as on the AC-130 page it states that WITHOUT the base package, 'some aspects are unavailable'.It then states that for further information you should download the free manual, and provides a link. In this small PDF download, the following text appears... - Sound - Alias to default Beech King sound- Panel - Alias to default B747 panel- No textures in VC- No gauges in VCA rather tiresome process simply to confirm what your actually getting. But as Steve has mentioned, at least the base package is reasonably cheap now, and I myself would add that its the only Captain Sim product I would recommend, and is certainly the only one I still have installed.Regards,Al.
  5. Hi everyone,I'm in the process of populating my Russian airspace with the superb packages from 'Russian AI Traffic System'. A time consuming process, and one which has not been without the odd hitch. All of which I have overcome, except for one. Many of the Russian AI models, by CIS AI, SimLandmarks etc, have a seperate folder entitled 'lightmaps', containing the bitmaps for the nightlighting etc. Nowhere can I find instruction on where to put these. I am assuming they go into a common texture folder, such as FS9 texture folder, but want to be sure!If anyone is reasonably sure of the solution, I'd be most appreciative!Regards,Al.
  6. Hi Jim and the team.Having been an Activesky user since 2004, I continue to be amazed by what Activesky does to my virtual skies, so although I've said it before, a continued thanks for the product, and the support.I completed a reinstall of Windows about 10 days ago, and have almost got my reinstall of FS2004 back up to speed. Fortunately I have most of my payware installers saved to CD, so there was no problem reinstalling AS, but it is version 6. There was also a service pack saved with the installer, so I duly installed that also. My AS window states that it is build 523. I wondered if you could tell me how I can go about downloading the necassary file or setup to get back to AS6.5 or the latest build relevant to FS2004?My second question is as follows. Despite messing with some settings, Activesky is not rendering the skies of my new installation in even remotely the same realism that it did prior to my system reinstall. My settings were as per a screenshot that someone had posted of their AS setup, probably here on this forum, about 18 months ago! If anyone remembers who this was, or would care to share their options settings then I would be most appreciative! The main setting that I don't seem to be able to get back how I'd like it, is the one which sets visibility at high level cruise altitudes. It was set so that visibility was always low enough at average jet cruise altitude (eg FL320), that the horizon was NEVER visible, and thus the annoying disruption of horizon rendering at that distance was invisible.My apologies for my long winded descriptions!Thanks again for the ever superb Active Sky!Regards,Al.
  7. Mmmm, a Carenado twin! Now that would be lovely!
  8. I imagine that Carenado are indeed working on a new product. To my knowledge, they tend to remain quiet until a new model is literally ready for release.I have been wondering what they are working on for some time though...The C206 is a must have product. Absolutely first class fun!Regards,Al.
  9. This is quite an easy problem to fix. I can't explain why you might have this 'gradual' loss of a fixed zoom point, over time, and this won't fix that particular problem, but it will stop you having to reload your aircraft continuously.It will definately fix the problem with the 'cycling through AI' procedure, that another poster had.Anyway, when you find your suffering from the problem, go to 'views', then 'view options'. In 'Select View' list, select 'spot plane'. In the 3D preview picture it is possible to see the current position of the aircraft in spot view, the value that needs to be adjusted, is 'distance', and is just below the picture. The default distance for a twin, appears to be in the region of 105 ft.This should solve your problem.Regards,Al.
  10. Well, having checked out the aircraft.cfg I find that there is actually no entry for force feedback settings at all, so perhaps thats where the problem lies, given that I'm using a force feedback stick.Thanks for checking it out for me - glad your enjoying the aircraft!
  11. Hmmm, thanks Jim.Well, I guess the question is now, why after would I be suffering this flutter! I'll have to have a look at the cfg file and see what I can do. Maybe delete the forcefeedback section.
  12. Anyone downloaded this superb example of great freeware?If so, is anyone having the insane tail flutter problem that I am suffering? It kicks in at about 143 knots, as you increase speed, and will only go away if you reduce speed below about 133 knots. It renders the plane pretty much unusable for me...I can barely keep hold of my joystick, as the force feedback tries to wrench it out of my hand!If you change to spot view, the elevator is flapping from one extreme of movement to the other, in a manner that would in reality rip the tail off!Just wondered if anyone else is having this problem?Its such a stunning model...Regards,Al.
  13. Are you simply looking to have the default traffic, i.e. Orbit, Landmark, etc - appear as real world airlines? If thats all your looking for, simply download sufficient real world airline repaints of the default aircraft, and replace the relevant texture folders. They will then appear as the real world airlines, albeit without the proper callsigns etc - and also operating in very odd parts of the world!Sorry if this isn't what your asking - your question is indeed a little hazy!There is no programme that will 'automatically' create flightplans - TTools 'assembles' them, but you have to plug all the relevant data into it (albeit in an easy manner).Regards,Al.
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