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ATR FAQs, Hints & Troubleshooting

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The following is a list of FS2Crew ATR Q & A:29 December 2005 -Important: If you own the download version of the ATR, then you should install Service Update 1.2 from the Downloads page on the FS2Crew website. CD version owners have 1.2 built in and do not need to install it.Purchasing, Downloading and Install Issues:-------------------------------------------Question: Do I need to have the SP3 Beta from the Flight1 forum installed prior to installing FS2Crew?Answer: No. The FS2Crew installer contains the latest SP3. Question: During the install, I get an "invalid data error" with one of the files.Answer: Your download was corrupt. You need to download the file again, but please use the Flight1 Downloader Tool as it helps guarantee that large downloads don't get corrupt. If doing a direct download, do not use other download managers (non Flight1) as they can sometimes corrupt large files.Question: I'm having a hard time using the Flight1 Downloader Tool.Answer: The Downloader Tool and the Downloader Data file for the ATR Edition MUST be in the same folder.Question: I'm using the Fight1 Downloader Tool, and my download keeps getting cut off.Answer: Flight1 is hosting the file on their server, and their servers are generally pretty good. Just keep trying and if you still have a problem email FS2Crew Support. I have a backup server for situations like this.Question: My flightsim computer does not have an internet connection. How can I install the software given that the Flight1 Wrapper needs the internet?Answer: The ATR Edition of FS2Crew uses the latest version of the Flight1 Wrapper. There is a new option in the Flight1 Wrapper that allows you to easily install FS2Crew on another computer.Question: For whatever reason, I have an issue with the Flight1 Wrapper. Are other payment options available?Answer: Pay Pal is also available. Please email FS2Crew Support.Question: When I click DSP SEL on the ATR a recording tells me that there is a problem with my Flight1 License.Answer: Your license is machine bound to the computer on which the program was installed. If you want to use FS2Crew on a computer other than the one on which you paid for it, you'll need to select the appropriate option in the Flight1 Wrapper at the time of purchase. For further assistance please email FS2Crew Support.General Usage-------------Question: The ATR Crashes when I load FS2Crew.Answer: There are five solutions:1. Never use a saved start-up file.2. Always load the ATR from the Cessna's 2D cockpit.3. Ensure FRAPs is not running in the background when the ATR loads.4. Make sure you're not using a pirated copy of the ATR.5. See the FAQ at the bottom regarding the gaugesound.dllFailing that, do a clean re-install of the Flight1 ATR; that worked for another user. Question: Whe I load the ATR, I get an error message telling that a certain gauge (.gau) cannot be loaded.Answer: In very rare instances another program installed on your computer can cause an FS2Crew gauge not to load (such as a select version of Active Camera). Please email FS2Crew support for assistance.Question: Where is the manual?Answer: Start -> All Programs -> FS2Crew. You can also find the manual in the FS2Crew folder in your FS9 folder.Question: After loading the ATR, I clicked DSP SEL and nothing happened.Answer: First, make sure you run the ATR Config Manager as per the manual. Second, make sure the parking brake is on. Third, you must be on the ground.Question: When I load the ATR all the FS2Crew Windows are open.Answer: Please read the manual. You need to load the Cessna first and then load the ATR. Note: Only load the ATR from the Cessna's 2D cockpit.Note: If you insist on not loading the Cessna first (which is not recommended by Flight1 or FS2Crew), there is a hidden click spot on the RMI that will close all FS2Crew Panels.Question: Do I need to shut the Cessna down first like I did for the 737 versions of FS2Crew?Answer: No.Question: The FS2Crew Windows flash and do not stay open.Answer: Only load the ATR from the Cessna 2D cockpit, never the VC or a spot view.Question: Can I use saved start-up files?Answer: No, and you don't need them anyway given that the ATR Config Manager allows you the option to start in a cold and dark cockpit. With FS2Crew, the ATR Config manager must be setup so the ATR starts in a Cold and Dark cockpit.Question: I cannot get my FMS to accept airway A586 as per the manual.Answer: You need the latest AIRAC data for your ATR's FMS. You can get it at: navdata.atQuestion: The learning curve is really steep!Answer: Yes it is! But once you get the hang of it it's easy.Question: When I try to load the ATR, I get an error saying the "GroundComm.gau" cannot be loaded.Answer (direct quote from a user):"I finaly solved the problem with the groundcomm gauge on my system ! As i said above the problem occurs with version 2.0 of AC2004 and version 2.1 (the latest). The first time the error occurs was with version 2.0 installed, i then d/l the update to version 2.1 and installed this, same problem.Today i went back to their website and saw that there is also a full installation package which installs version 2.1 without the need for an update. So i decided to deinstall Active Camera 2004, first the update i made (ver.2.1) and then the whole package (ver. 2.0), rebooted and installed then the new installation package with version 2.1 already on board, and what can i say, all the error messages about the groundcomm gauge are gone. It seems that did the trick. For everyone with the same problem, try deinstall Active Camera 2004, download the new installation package for version 2.1, install, register with your key and load the FS2Crew-ATR. For me this works."Question: I forgot to set DH on the RA before calling for the Descent Checklist. When I tried to set DH on the RA during the approach checklist, I read the value at the end of the checklist. It sounded funny and out of place.Answer: Make sure you set the DH on the Radar Alt before calling for the Descent checklist, OR set the DH on the Radar Alt *after* completing the Descent checklist. Question: FS2Crew ATR was working fine, however, after I installed a couple other products the ATR now crashes when I load the plane.Answer: If you installed other products *after* installing FS2Crew ATR and the ATR all of a sudden crashes (whereas before it didn't), it means that the programs you recently installed probably overwrote the updated Gaugesound.dll that FS2Crew ATR needs with an older version.The easiest solution is to simply re-install FS2Crew ATR, or you can go into the FS9/FS2Crew/ATR folder, where you will find a copy of the updated gaugesound.dll that FS2Crew uses.Copy that gaugesound.dll to your System32 folder and your root FS9 folder. Have a nice flight!

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