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My initial take of FS2Crew for ATR

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Okay guys, after two frustrating weeks trying to get my computer up and running for MSFS (what an ordeal, I'll ask more about it in another forum), I finally got it up and running last night. Got one flight in, a romp using the ATR/FS2Crew combo out on the Korean penninsula, using the tutorial.First things first, FS2Crew is absolutely fantastic! I really can't stress it enough. Let me make a comparison, let's imagine ATC services from MSFS FS2000 and compare them to Radar Contact v3 or VATSIM during a fly-in. It makes that much of a difference in the way you fly. Here's what I experienced last night:Fired up the sim, got ATR started (wideview as well) and pushed the button to start FS2Crew. Got power to the plane, started the battery and got external power. Meanwhile, the F/O was out doing the walk around. When he was done, he came onto the flightdeck, said nothing was wrong with the outside and we started our flows inside. I called to Ops, told 'em we were ready for pax to come out. The flight attendant and I went through our public address tests, I checked my oxygen and once the F/O was done with his checklists, we contacted the ramp agent to start up Hotel mode. So far very, very cool.After we started up Hotel mode, we finished up more of our checklists, the FA said the pax were all in, doors were closed, and we got start clearance for the engines. I started engine #2, finished up some more checklists, and then the F/O started engine #1. That was really cool to see, in fact if your in VC or looking at certain panels, you can see the F/O flippin switches or checking ailerons, that sort of thing. Once engines were started, I called Ops, told 'em we were blocking out and what time we were leaving, it read the time right off the chronometer in the cockpit. Oh yeah, forms, forgot about that, the ramp agent brought me the load sheet, it was a generic load sheet, but as you know from the ATR setup, you can put your name as the Captain, well, when he brought me the load sheet, my signature was on it, very cool little touch, and the TOLD card, had info straight from the FMS, using current weather brought in from FSUIPC.Okay, back to the flight, taxi, takeoff, climb, cruise, all covered by checklists that you call for and the F/O runs, if there's things you miss, he'll remind you.The F/O bases his descent checklist, and gets the TOLD card ready based off the TOD in the FMC. AND, I thought this was really cool, the numbers he comes up with uses the weather at your destination, again read from FSUIPC, so if you're running ActiveSky, the TOLD is influenced by the destination weather. I thought that was great!Descent, before landing, after landing and shutdown checks all handled.As far as interface with FS2Crew, there's very little mouseclicks, no CPAL buttons in this version. All checklist and checklist responses are handled via a keystroke/joystick button, I thought that was real convienent and helped with the immersion factor. The only mouseclicks on the panel are to bring up small panels that FS2Crew adds, like the oxygen panel, a watch, briefing page, ramp agent dialogue and public announcement dialogue. Very cool.The developer of FS2Crew apparently had access to all the coding and I guess actually developed it with help from the guys who made the ATR, so it fits very seamlessly with the plane. When I started up the plane itself, it was if FS2Crew came with the ATR already installed.Right now, I can't think of another add-on that adds so much to your flying experience as this one. It's a complete generation past the FS2Crew of the PMDG NG.Can't wait to see if there's going to be an LDS 767 version, I'm sure there will be.

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