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Idea for a software

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Hi,There are already people who are trying to do just that. I wish them well. However, how well it will work in reality is the big "If" once you factor in server lag, and a whole host of other very complex issues.It's a fantastic idea "in theory," but...I can see it possibly working ok perhaps with people who are using the default MSFS aircraft... but who wants to use those? Well, maybe it'd be fun for VFR sightseeing in the Cessna or something...However, quality aicraft like the PMDG, Dreamfleet, and PSS stuff all use variables that are not publicly available and tightly gaurded. That's why I had to to use the "mouse click" method to get the FO to do his thing. It's how I got around that issue. Getting these companies to share the necessary internal code/variables/offsets so that you could interact over the Internet with every switch on the plane is no easy row to hoe. If I were PMDG or Dreamfleet, I wouldn't give out that kind of info if anything because it could create a Support nightmare. The other issue of course is that a lot of people wouldn't feel comfortable doing this kind of thing over the Net with another person unless they know them really well. Just think how many people are turned off VATSIM because they're afraid they'll look "dumb" when they try to talk on the radio.And I won't even talk about the frustration that will no doubt ensue when people get "disconnected" from the server.So will FS2Crew ever go this route? I love the idea in theory, but the answer is highly unlikely.Cheers,Bryan

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