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767 FSX FAQs and Troubleshooting

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767 FSX Edition FAQs and Troubleshooting:General Notes:- The 767 FSX Edition has been upgraded and refined from the FS9 version. Please consult the manual to learn about the important differences.- FS2Crew for the Level-D 767 is an add-on for the Level-D 767 aircraft. You need to own the Level-D 767 before installing FS2Crew for the 767. The Level-D 767 aircraft is available via the Flight1 Website. Payment/Installing/Re-installing Issues:If you bought the 767 Edition via the FS2Crew website, your product uses the Flight1 E-Commerce Wrapper.More info is available via here: Manuals are located in Start - All Programs - FS2Crew or via the FS2Crew Start CenterStart Center:- If you installed the A320 Edition, 172 or 747 FSX Editions "after" installing the 767, your Start Center will be replaced with an 'older' version that does not include a sub-tab for the 767.The solution is to re-install the stand-alone Start Center available via here: If the Start Center does not run in Vista (one user reported this, others have had no problems), try running the Start Center in XP compatibility mode.Please consult this informative article from Flight1 if you're a Vista user: Errors:- Ensure your joystick is plugged in prior to loading the Level-D 767.- Restore the GaugeSound.dll via the FS2Crew Start Center if necessary (other addons, when installed, may have overwrote it with an older version).- Ensure the aircraft loads by default using the 2D cockpit (there is an FSX option for this as shown in the manual) with the Captain's panel. Never load the aircraft from another aircraft's VC, or a spot or a tower view.- CTD's for Vista Users:1. Disable DEP (Data Execute Protection) manually if you geta CTD when trying to load the 767 with FS2Crew installed. See here for info: disabling DEP, restart your computer.2. If still experiencing issues, delete the FSX.cfg file(make a back-up first). It will automatically re-build whenyou load FSX.3. Re-install FS2Crew.4. Make sure you're running everything as an Administrator.Autopilot Disconnecting:If you find that when you press the Green/Red button on your joystick that the autopilot is sometimes disconnecting, what is probably happening is that you are wiggling your joystick slightly when you're pressing the button. If your joystick moves, that can result in the autopilot getting disconnected. The solution is to increase the null zone on your joystick or use the keyboard for the Green/Red buttons.(Developer's note: I personally find using the Keyboard for the Green/Red buttons to be easier than using joystick buttons).CH Yoke Users:If using a CH Yoke and you're experiencing issues with the Green/Red button, please see this thread for guidance: the best,Bryan

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