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FSX Performance comparison...particulalry VC

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I've recently started making the move to FSX and now that the MD-11 boxed version is out am looking at picking this up. The only complex aircraft I have for FSX is the LDS 767 (but a nice hanger in FS9 with the LDS 763 and PMDG MD-11 and 744). I find in complex sceneries (where I tend to fly the most, like FSDT and Aerosoft airports), I get 22-25 fps in 2D cockpit and 14-19 fps in VC where I prefer to fly. Can I expect similar performance for the MD-11? I'm ok at the 14-19 fps, but don't feel I can go much lower--hence the reason I wish to compare this. I know the MD-11 is more completely and accurately modeled (I have it for FS9), but I thought the LDS 767 might be a fair comparison for performance. I know I can not compare it to default aircraft, as they are much simpler. Thanks for your input.Eric

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