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Some of you reported frame rate loss and stuttering around the descent/approach phase.I'm trying to figure out the common denominator between you so I can try to isolate the cause.I can't reproduce this, so you're going to have to help me out.However, in order for me to figure this out, I need to collect information in an organized way.So if you experienced reproducible frame-rate loss or stuttering, please email me at:admin@fs2crew.comOnly include:1. Name:2. FS2Crew Version:3. Using FSX or FS9 or both:4. Operating System:5. CPU:6. Number of cores your processor has:6. RAM:7. Does the fps hit happen on every flight:8. Does it happen at the exact same time/location:9. Are you turning off VOICE at any time during flight:Please answer these questions in POINT FORM only. NO RUNNING NARRATIVES PLEASE!!! Sorry for shouting :( I'm locking the thread as I want you to reply by email only so I can keep you organized!Note: I use Windows 7 64, and using Performance Manager I tracked the memory usage with the upcoming Mad Dog version. The Mad Version and 737's share the same components.Memory usage stayed basically constant throughout the flight. After loading the FS2Crew Main Panel, my memory usage was approx 2700 MB. When I shut down at the gate my memory usage was up to 2800 MB for a gain of 100 MB, which is nothing.So I'd start by also looking there and using a ram/cpu tracker to see what's happening with your RAM/CPU performance. Best,

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