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Carenado Baron 58 FSX RELEASED!

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Posted Today, 07:37 PM Bert Pieke, on 03 April 2011 - 03:56 PM, said:Hmmm, I respectfully disagree. Carenado has never been known for 100% fidelity, but in this case, theyhave fixed most of the obvious problems in the first Service Release. If you want a higher function autopilot,look under the "Autopilot" topic in this forum.Obviously I got upset writing the last post. However, the fact remains that products are released that are non-functonal. The seneca for example took 4 service packs to become functional. I remember the first flight the flight model was poor and it couldn't even be landed. These types of problems are unacceptable on a top tier addon release, level D, PMDG, Flight 1, Real Air,etc. would never have these types of problems and customers aren't required to be beta testers.The Barron EGT gauges still don't work after the service pack release. They go in the wrong direction,wrong range and are poorly and incorrectly simulated for most of Carenado planes. There was a switch in the C340II that provides on/off voltage to the deice boots and there was a needle readout for this on the panel. When the switch was selected to the off position the gauge still showed power, to the deice boots. I emailed Carenado and he said, "FS doesn't model this". Total BS, if your going to add a functional switch to a panel and it doesn't even work cosmetically, not even asking for a true simulation. All that has to be done is the switch when turned off turns off power to the de-ice boots on the gauge. This is just one example of dozens. If Caranado can't even get a power gauge to work or the autopilot on a Caravan to work properly how is he going to get a King Air C90 to be functional product???Another example is the Autopilots in recent releases like the C340 and Barron dont' work / connect properly with the HSI (GPS and VOR/NAV1-2 connections), even default FSX aircraft have this working. Addtionally, on the Barron, try bringing the throttle back on one of the engines. Then try to move the throttle into the "feathered" position, the throttle lever doesn't move into the feathered position it just stays at idle.I'm not expecting a detailed and super-high fidelity product at the PMDG level, but I do at least expect Carenado products to be functional in general upon release, which is clearly not the case.Nor do I ask for a 100% fidelity of a Carenado product, but when products are constatly NON-FUNCTIONAL payware releases. This is a problem.Am I out of line for asking a product I pay for to be generally (80%) functional upon release with out extensive beta testing, programing of files so the EGT has some sensitivity and without requiring 2-4 service packs???By functional I mean autopilot connects to the GPS/NAVs and display on the HSI, switches, EGT guages work without the customer having to reprogram the EGT guage or autopilot switch parameters I'm not talking about absolute fidelity and realism I'm just asking for an producted to be at least functional as advertised. In most bussinesses this would be reported to the Better Bussiness Bureuro and in exteme cases would be reported as fraud.We're all FSX fans here but this is total BS having to repogram autopilot, switches and EGT gauges and several service packs to get a functional product. I'm done with my programing days and do night have time for this.I'm extremely happy with the Real Air Duke Turbine II, for $15 USD more you get and OUTSTANDING functional product!! I'm pleased with the single engine Carenado planes like the C185 and the Caravan. But to be respectfully honest, Carendo is not competent to produce multi-engine aircraft that are functional and are highly not likely to do so with Turbine aircraft, given the poor track record.I'll bet anybody here the Carenado King Air C90 will require more than 4 service packs to be functional as the Seneca was.I don't have the time or the patience to fix Carendo's products that are constatntly released at early alpha stage and never become functional products until numberous service packs and many functionality problems will never be fixed. Until Carenado redefines his products and they become FUNCTIONAL payware addon I absolutely will not be a Carenado customer, this is total BS! It will take an AVSIM 5 Gold star product for me to buy another plane from Carenado......Cheers

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