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757, 767, A321, A380, and MD-11 Pilots Urgently Needed! CFXVA

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After several days of discussions amongst the administrative staff of Chicago Flights™ VA, we have come to an agreement. Though we have been a very successful virtual airline in the short haul market (100-400 NM), we decided that it was time to expand into the medium/long haul markets (500-1200 NM). With this decision, have opened up

more than 10 hubs around the world, and have added more than 400 new routes to our VA! From exotic places like the sandy hills of Arabia, to the remote hilltops in the Andes Mountains, every new route offers lots of eye candy to allow your flights to be that much more enjoyable.With the list of routes constantly expanding, we have bought a large assortment of new airliners for the new routes. These aircraft are primarily the Boeing 747, 757, 767, the Airbus A321 and the A380, along with reliable and trusty MD-11. You can view a listing of our current routes HERE, or view the new and improved interactive map HERE to witness the massive labyrinth of routes. To see the network and operate the interactive map, simply click on the airport markers on the map!

We look forward to seeing you joining our virtual airline! To get started, please apply here…

Please note that pilots who join our virtual airline will have to fly a minimum of successful 15 flights before they will become eligible to fly the heavy jets. Upon completion of this minimal task, pilots would then be able to switch to the hub of their choice.We hope to see you fling high over the Chi-Town sky!iheart707

Eric Swanson

FSX Deluxe Edition, FSX Acceleration, PMDG 737, PMDG MD-11, PMDG 747-400, PMDG JS4100, Concorde X, Captain Sim 707, Captain Sim 727, Feelthere PIC E170/E190 , Quality Wings 757, Level-D 767, Carenado Baron 58, Carenado C172II N, Carenado C208 Grand Caravan, Carenado PA 28 Archer II, Q9550 OC'd to 2.91 Gtz, 8GB DDR3, GTX 460 1 GB, ASUS Xonar Essence STX Sound card , 1TB SATA HDD


Email me, and I'll do Virtual Airline Movies!

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