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Who Say's Monday's Suck?????

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Nice place to work... :( (drooling with envy)You don't by any chance need a design engineer from Sweden? LOL :-jumpy

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Fun post to read...Every year, Luke AFB has an airshow, and many classics come in and out, most observable from the comfort of my yard (my home is around 8 miles SSE of Luke). The B-17's I know by ear.... The sound of their four engines is very unique. It's often fun to drive during the pre-airshow practice sessions. Phoenix metro is broken up by broad 4-6 lane avenues every mile on E/W and N/S axis. The roads around Luke develop some interesting traffic patterns during the practice sessions. Let me put it this way: you don't want to be stuck in the right lane. People will be driving along at 50 mph, then they get buzzed by the T-birds, and Slam! goes the brakes, and they pull over and enjoy the impromptu airshow.I also live about a mile off the centerline for the approach into Goodyear airport. Although a civil airport, it is used to convert pax heavies into cargo jets. About once a month, I'll be startled when an MD-11 or 767 cruises silently overhead, on final for Goodyear. Sadly, the company that had the contract just went belly-up...side effect of 9/11. I don't know what that means for the dozens of heavies parked at Goodyear. If you ever drive from LA to Phoenix, they are easily seen just past the Estrella Mtn. Parkway exit... I forgot that Long Beach was a Jet Blue destination. I was on a LAN installation/training project at JFK in '99 when their cabin crews were going through their initial training. Had a chance to meet the crews, the owner, and often we'd sit in the hotel lounge and share drinks after our days were over. They were a fun bunch...more fun than my students, who couldn't care less how to add a printer to a LAN or reconcile a G/L :) Those Jet Blue crews showed how they could have fun at their jobs!-John

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