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  1. Yes You're missing to include reserve 1 in your total. That makes main 1 + reserve 1 = main 2. Hope it helps
  2. Mats_J

    EFB Manual? Where?

    Hi, You can find it in the EFB under documents Hope it helps,
  3. +1 on that! Happened to me several times during the beta testing!
  4. There is a workaround for this problem: Specifically bullets 3 and 4 in the link provided after installing a PMDG product with RAAS PRO included. Cheers,
  5. Mats_J

    Farewell to Tom Allensworth

    Sad to hear the news tonight. Rest in peace Tom. Your memory and legacy will forever be kept within the AVSIM community, My thoughts and condolences to family and friends. "...If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the innermost parts of the sea." - Charles A. Lindbergh
  6. Mats_J

    777 Tutorial - Fuel consumption issue

    Hans! Do I see +23 or +29 (2nd pic) TAT at FL380? I also note that your GS and IAS is the same. Should not be. Something in your WX is screwing your flight up. Hope it helps,
  7. Mats_J

    Throttle problem

    Hi Sean! I am sporting a Saitek yoke and throttles plus CH Pro pedals. That combo has been working great with the 777 during beta. I have FSUIPC and do have some of the axises of my controllers processed by FSUIPC. HOWEVER PMDG recommends not sending it through FSUIPC. I am sure it is just a matter of twekaing to get it to work. Let us know. Hope it helps,
  8. Mats_J

    IRS Align problem

    Well,Without any further info I am out of options. Sorry. Cheers,
  9. Mats_J

    IRS Align problem

    Sound like your LAST POS does not correspond with your current position. Have you tried to enter your current airport on the POS INIT page and use those coordinates? Hope it helps,
  10. Mats_J

    2D main panel problems

    Why don't you save your first download file, or even better burn it to a CD???That way you can install as many times as you like! Cheers,
  11. Mats_J


    Simeon, I am thinking that disabling the PFC.dll will not completely disconnect the throttle inputs from FSX. I would suggest you try to completely isolate the H?W throttles by disconnecting them from the PC, start up FSX and see if you can replicate the problem. Hope it helps,
  12. Mats_J


    So you say the right lever went to idle which suggests the left didn't. Seems to be something with the sync of the throttles. Confirm you disconnected (physically) the H/W throttles, not just disabled them. We'll solve this,
  13. Mats_J


    Simeon, Looks like you have an imbalance between ENG1 and ENG2 there. Without delving into the FCOM too deep I think that asymmetry will disconnect the A/T. Were those shots taken with or without the throttle, or any hardware, physically connected to your PC? Hope it helps,
  14. Mats_J


    Simeon, I would try without the throttles physically engaged. And then rule them out.Otherwise a snap shot of your main panel and a description of your pre-flight would be helpful. Cheers,
  15. Mats_J

    Climb Performance Problems

    Peter,This is something only a few have encountered. I did during beta but we were unable to pin it down.Can you try to replicate this without any add-ons running. Move the FSUIPC directory temporarily etc? Secondly. Please try to post a screen shot of what the panel looks like when encountering this. State FMS setup including route, SID , STAR etc. And finally would be great if you could list any and all add-ons installed. We are trying to figure out a pattern here. Thanks in advance,