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  1. Yes You're missing to include reserve 1 in your total. That makes main 1 + reserve 1 = main 2. Hope it helps
  2. Hi, You can find it in the EFB under documents Hope it helps,
  3. +1 on that! Happened to me several times during the beta testing!
  4. There is a workaround for this problem: https://knowledge.autodesk.com/support/autocad-civil-3d/learn-explore/caas/sfdcarticles/sfdcarticles/How-to-install-64-bit-Microsoft-Database-Drivers-alongside-32-bit-Microsoft-Office.html Specifically bullets 3 and 4 in the link provided after installing a PMDG product with RAAS PRO included. Cheers,
  5. Sad to hear the news tonight. Rest in peace Tom. Your memory and legacy will forever be kept within the AVSIM community, My thoughts and condolences to family and friends. "...If I take the wings of the morning, and dwell in the innermost parts of the sea." - Charles A. Lindbergh
  6. After the game, the King and the pawn are put in the same box....

  7. Active Sky comes to mind. If I remember correctly there is some kind of rudimentary real weather functionality around airports built into the VATSIM network itself which can be used by Active Sky.Squawkbox 3 has a weather function. Dunno about FSInn but heard there are problems with the OAT at high altitudes.You might want to do a search-around here at AVSIM and maybe even google to get more info.Hope it helps,
  8. Peter,If you are talking about weather on VATSIM you can use several programs not related to PMDG to get real, accurate weather on the network.If you by weather mean the ability to depict precipitation on the ND i.e. weather radar then no, it does not work. Neither off-line nor on VATSIM. And it will not be implemented according to previous answers from the devs as long as FS does not simulate precipitation accurately.There are some third party 'solutions' out there if you would like to peruse that path.Hope it helps,
  9. Mats_J

    737 GPWS

    When it comes to altering the GPWS sounds you're on your own. It seems there are sound files that appears to be connected to the GPWS but I wouldn't know if they are used or if the sounds are hard coded into the gauges. To me the aural sounds are good enough so I leave all that alone.Sorry guys,
  10. Mats_J

    737 GPWS

    Onur,See this link for EGPWS: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Ground_proximity_warning_systemThe PMDG aircraft are only equiped with GPWS.Hope it helps,
  11. M. (Martin?)Still sounds like wake turbulence to me. Try without any weather what-so-ever (No Active Sky and Clear FS weather) and see if the same thing happens. My bet is it will not.No need to reinstall the plane untill you've checked the above.Oh. And please don't compare this aircraft with the default 737. The default aircrafts are not nearly as sophisticated as these ones. ;-)Hope it helps,
  12. Derick,You are supposed to get an email stating all information you need to verify your license during installation. Send an email to support at PMDG and they will get you up and running. Make sure you get an automated reply once you've sent the mail to ensure the support channel is open both ways. (If you're not receiving an automated response either mail is getting trapped somewhere. Try another email account like yahoo, hotmail or similar.)Hope it helps,
  13. Joe,If you sent several emails but didn't receive any automated response there is no open channel. Try sending an email from a web-based email account. (Isn't msn.com a webbased account?) If you don't have a hotmail, yahoo, gmail account or similar just create an account for this purpose. I have alerted the devs to this thread as well.Hope it helps,
  14. Joe,You've given staff 5 hours to respond to your enquiry. During evening hours in North America and night hours in Europe (The two continents where most of the staff lives). Don't you think you should give them at least 24 hours to respond here?For email support (which I think is the most appropriate way for you to go) you should receive an automated response to your email enquiry directly. If not the communication channels are not open both ways. Probably spam filters in either end. Try resending your request from a hotmail, yahoo or gmail account.Wish I could help out more but I am just a mere test flight member,
  15. Well Vic,You should have seen the discussions when this was announced and subsequently released four (4) years ago! Do an advanced search on 'flood lighting NG' or similar to get the full old history.Cheers,
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