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  1. ViperXBR

    Excellent Response by FSLabs

    Completely agree! Another one would be "Blackbox711". He seems to know much more about the Airbus (stating he was a RW Airbus pilot at one time & the depth of Airbus procedures he displays in his videos) and would value his opinion more so over Froogle. At the end of the day, it's my choice and not one Youtube'r will influence that!
  2. ViperXBR

    CS757 III v1.1 released

    QW's by far a better choice over CS!! You're comparing apples to potatoes. Big difference!
  3. I don't want to have to deal with the reduced ETOPS rating... those flights are long enough as it is. 😉
  4. ViperXBR

    "FMC Message" will not go away.

    Ya, I know what it means and what to look for but there was absolutely nothing found in the FMC. It seems to be tied to a very specific process when aligning the IRS that needs to be followed or else you'll see that message the entire flight.
  5. ViperXBR

    "FMC Message" will not go away.

    This worked for me: "The correct way to do it is with captain's CDU on POS INIT page, turn on the IRS's and wait until yellow "FMC" appears on EICAS. Scratchpad displays "SET IRS POSITION" which disappears when position is entered. EICAS "FMC" message also clears." Thanks!
  6. ViperXBR

    "FMC Message" will not go away.

    Found this . Will have to try this tomorrow morning for VATSIM's CTP.
  7. So I continue to get this message. I've gone through the "How to Fix EICAS messages that do not clear" work around/fix but still appears. It does go away when you hit the cancel button but then when you recall, it's always there. Any other ideas to get rid of this?
  8. ***Update: Still get that "FMC Message" after creating my own cold and dark panel state. Weird.
  9. Just bought this bird the other night. Fully up2date to v3.0.8605 (& P3Dv4.2). Started the sim and selected the Queen on the scenario page to start my flight. Everything seem to be running well. Noticed the "FMC Message" notification on the display but nothing on the FMC. Googled it and found people having issues with the Cold and Dark panel state config that came with it. Recommend creating your own. That was fine. Would do it before the next flight. 4hrs into the 6hr 30min flight and POOF! CTD. First time in a very long time I've had one of these using a PMDG aircraft. I'm assuming I should be starting up with the F22 first at the airport than switch over the Queen when I want to use this bird? I guess I should of read these forums before flying this bird... Seems to be a little problematic compared to the others.
  10. ViperXBR

    P3D 4.2 Update.

    There's been another major developer that has come out and said not to update to 4.2 until they test and release a patch for their add-on. Hence my post here. Usually good to wait a little while anyways. Let those who can't wait do the testing for us. ;-)
  11. ViperXBR

    P3D 4.2 Update.

    Holding off until we get the all clear from PMDG (and other devs). Cheers!
  12. Greetings, Having issues with night lighting on the C185 Tundra/Bush. Can't get the red nor the white cabin lights to illuminate the cabin at night. Anyone having the same issue? I do have the latest version installed for P3Dv4. Thanks.
  13. ViperXBR

    Backlighting issue with NGX

    I've been seeing the exact same thing.
  14. I went from a i7 2600k @4.9Ghz to an i7 7820x @4.8Ghz, Win 7 to Win 10 & FSXSE to P3Dv4(still have FSXSE installed for those AC not available in v4). Everything running smooth as silk. Good luck with yours! Always exciting.
  15. FYI: