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  1. I had a similar issue with -8 also, the engines moving for about 2 minutes p3d 4.3 with chaseplane regards
  2. welsol

    Updating AIRAC

    C:\Users\YourName\Documents\Maddog X Files and the best way to get it by Addon Mapping > Scan option from Navigraph FMS Data Manager Regards
  3. Thanks, it will be a separate hotfix or need to reinstall? Regards
  4. welsol

    So, how is it? (im stuck at work...)

    Yes, because 5.122 seems to work fine in P3D v4.2 so far and 5.123C have a stuttering problem
  5. welsol

    So, how is it? (im stuck at work...)

    Fair frame rate, cockpit (medium 2048X2048) around 30 FPS , (High 4096X4096) around 25 FPS , fsuipc 5.122
  6. welsol

    Issues with GTN 2.4.9 on XP11

    @RXP The problem was in the default value for both Preferred Graphic Processor and OpenGL Rendering GPU , the default value was (auto select) and the system take the integrated graphic by default (Intel HD), just change the both value to NVIDIA processor the problem solved really I appreciate this wonderful support , now time to fly
  7. welsol

    Issues with GTN 2.4.9 on XP11

    Same with 376.33 , no change The required data already sent to you I appreciate your help
  8. welsol

    Issues with GTN 2.4.9 on XP11

    Thanks for you advice GeForce GTX 960 M - 4MB Driver 388.13 release date 30-10-2017 I tried to go back to version 382.53 as I read in previous post but to no luck Cheers
  9. welsol

    Issues with GTN 2.4.9 on XP11

    Only windows defender and disabled during instillation ,and ruining the installer and XP as admin , all Realityxp and Garmin folders excluded from Defender Cheers
  10. Hi all I bought RXP GTN 750 For XP 11 today , V2.4.9 and Trainer 6.41 Installed in the default installation folders and Windows defender was disabled , it seems the gauge are corrupted or need other graphic settings , please see the image in the link https://www.dropbox.com/s/flkqyk4tzs5jius/gtn750.jpg?dl=0 same problem with 2D in default C172 Windows 10 Home , XP 11 V 1.05 Any idea to solve this problem? Best regards
  11. welsol

    Update 1.10.8383.0: Autobrake RTO in flight

    Same after update
  12. I did what you said and all working ,,,,,, thanks
  13. Yes, you're right and I'm also will never buy anything else from Carenado
  14. welsol

    Unable to reply to a Checklist item

    Yes i found it in the first line in normal checklist guide sorry and thank's for your replay