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Cure for Texture Flashing?

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FS community. Please see my post in the Hardware forum for my system and issues. http://forum.avsim.net/topic/348073-got-nirvananow-looking-for-a-little-utopia/ I've tried many solutions, but to no avail. Today, to address an unrelated problem I installed a Creative Titanium sound card to replace my use of the onboard sound on my mobo. To my surprise, the "flashing" I was experiencing when panning is now eliminated. Nothing else has changed, only adding a sound-card (PCI Express) and disabling my onboard sound. Anecdotal for now; my question to those that are seeing (or saw) similar texture flashing in FSX: * Are you using on-board sound? * if your problem got resolved like mine, was the addition of a sound-card a factor? TIA, Braun

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