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Saitek Throttle Quadrant - noise and callibration problems

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I've had the Saitek yoke, extra throttle quadrant, and rudder pedals for some time now. They have worked well, but I am continued to be bothered by two issues and was hoping I could get some help with them. 1. The throttle quadrant that came with the yoke (PS2 connector instead of USB) has a horrible amount of signal noise. I can open the game controllers menu in windows and just watch all three throttle axes bounce over 20-30% of their range several times a second (at their worst) when I'm not touching the levers at all. I do not have this issue with the USB connected additional quadrant or with the axes on the yoke or rudder pedals. Anyone find ways to reduce or solve this? My gut is telling me this is related to the less than ideal PS2 connector. Will windows allow 2 "extra" throttle quadrants so that I could buy a second USB throttle quadrant that does not seem to have this problem? 2. I have fully calibrated my joysticks through windows. However, in FSX when I use the levers assigned to throttle 1 and 2, I find that they produce slightly different N1 values (I should say throttle position, but I normally fly jets) even when the levers are at identical positions. This is most noteable at low throttle positions such as taxiing and at it's worst can be enough to produce a yaw while taxiing from the asymetric thrust alone. I typically use FSUIPC to calibrate and assign, however even this isn't perfect because the amount by which they vary...well varies. Also, some add-ons such as the PMDG 737NGX don't work well with throttles calibrated through FSUIPC and axes assigned through FSX have fewer calibration options. Again, any suggestions? Overall, I like this setup quite a bit and feel for the entry market price range (i.e., $5-600 or more), this is one of the best and most versatile setups. I'd just like to sort out these two issues.

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