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Using FS2Crew when using 2nd computer for Squawkbox

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I thought I'd post this article for others who may be having difficulties using FS2Crew/FSX on one computer while running squawk box on another machine.Assumptions:- Licensed copy of FSUIPC and WIDEFS and you already have SB working correctly using WIDEFS- A 1/8" Male to Male audio cableFor the purpose of this post, when I refer to the FSX Machine, I'm referring to the machine running FSX and FS2Crew. When I refer to the SB machine, I mean the machine that is running Squawkbox.In order to get the sound from my microphone over to the FSX machine, I need to do the following:I have no speakers plugged into the SB machine. I'm using a USB headset which is connected to the SB machine. The SB machine has the audio cable plugged into the speaker jack (usually a light green colored jack) on the back of machine and this cable is plugged into the line-in (blue-colored) jack on the back of the FSX machine.Also, I need to setup the sound control panel appropriately. Both of my machines are Windows 7 64-bit, these instructions might differ from XP or Vista. On the SB machine, right click on the speaker icon in the windows task bar lower-right and select recording devices. I selected my Logitech USB headset and clicked on properties. In the Microphone Properties window, select the Listen tab. Select the "Listen to this device" checkbox and select your speaker interface (the one where you plugged in that 1/8" audio cable) from the dropdown list. Mine is listed as Speakers (2- High Definition Audio Device) and click OK.On the FSX machine, right click on the speaker icon and select recording devices. If it is configured correctly, when you tap on your microphone on the SB machine, you should see the audio meter fluctuate to indicate that sound is getting to it. You could go into properties and change the listening settings as above and test with your voice, just remember to turn off listening or you'll get a bit of an echo of your own voice and hear everything from the microphone on your speakers.You could fire up FSX at this stage and confirm that a headset plugged into another machine works with FS2Crew voice.Now that audio is setup, it's time to configure the PTT button so that when you press it, it will soft mute FS2Crew and transmit on SB.FSUIPC can allow multiple functions to be assigned to one button, however, you can't do it from the GUI, you'll have to edit the fsuipc config file.I assigned my soft mute key to F12 and hard mute key to F11 using the instructions that FS2Crew provides. I tested them to make sure they work.I already had squawkbox PTT functionality assigned via the GUI for my first button on my CH yoke. There is a special PTT function called PTT for SB. There is a PTT on and PTT off function. I have PTT on when I press the button and PTT off when I release it.This is what the entry looks like in FSX/modules/FSUIPC4.cfg - mine is in the buttons section but you may find this under aircraft-specific buttons:10=R1,0,C1001,011=U1,0,C1002,0PTT on is C1001PTT off is C1002R1 is press and holdU1 is releaseThe 0 after the R1 and U1 is button identifier, so in my case button 0. Your file might also have different identifiers (10, 11 are mine).I added this line above those two:9=R1,0,K123,8The identifier in front of the = must be unique within the section you are modifying. R1 is press and hold, physical button is 0 and the key I want to send is F12 which is K123 (this is in the WideFS appendix) with a parameter of 8 - not sure what that does but this is what it was set to when I tried to program a button to just send F12 and hold it. The key is that the button ID has to match your SB button ID so that both events occur when you press and hold the button. In fact, you could have 1 button do all sorts of things by using this method.When you go back into FSUIPC you'll notice that if you check the programming for the button is mostly greyed out but that both send a key press and use for fs control are both checked. You won't be able to modify this entry via the gui anymore but it does work.Next is to test. First confirm that you see the "M" appear in the FS2Crew control panel in FSX when you press your SB PTT key. If that works, connect to VATSIM to a quiet, controlled airport and ask for a radio check. If they confirm they can hear you, then you're all set.Hope this helps others on how to set this up.-Jason

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