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Sound issues anyone?

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After a while playing P3D, the ATC voice disappeared from the game. I really can't say what caused it. Has anyone else experienced this?


Also, and this is just an observation, not something I can reproduce with certainty, it seems the program become unstable if I switch sound drivers away from default to to my headset... I played with the headset last night and it crashed to desktop three times out of three. Very unusual for P3D. The only thing I can think of was the sound drivers.

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I've never experienced any problems with sound (ver. 1.2 & 1.3) while using P3D, its more than likely a local problem on your end.

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I have found that if I'm going to use the headset and before I start P3D, I plug in the headset and in my taskbar I open the sound mixer and make sure my headset/driver are being used as default. When I'm in P3D, I go to the sound settings and make sure my headset/name etc. is checked. Works fine. I've had a little trouble like yours before I started doing these few steps.

Good luck and have a blessed day.


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No, I have the same issues; I can't save my USB headset for ATC use.  P3D 'sees' the headset, but when I select it in the drop-down, it never saves, and I can't hear ATC in the headset.  I don't see changing the USB headset to default a good option; the sound menu in FSX worked just fine and didn't have these issues.

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