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  1. LtRob

    V2 sound settings

    Try this fix for USB headset sound in Prepar3D, at least in Windows7. See the attached upload. In "Control Panel", go to "Hardware and Sound", then "Sound". In the popup window I selected my USB headset as "Default Communications Device" and applied those settings. Upon opening P3D, I had ATC sound in my headset, and all other sounds through my 5.1 surround speakers. I don't have a 3rd-party ATC program, so I don't know if the USB microphone works. Rob
  2. LtRob

    Realistic Zoom Setting?

    Wide aspect = true and 0.70 zoom for me on all 5 panels. I used 3 22" @ 5760 x 1200 using a TH2Go in FSX, but now run same resolution using NVidia Surround mode in P3D. 0.70 seemed to be "just right". I have too other panels below the triple set used for main panel and a left side lower window panel also set at 0.70, mostly to match the upper triple set. Rob
  3. LtRob

    Sound issues anyone?

    No, I have the same issues; I can't save my USB headset for ATC use. P3D 'sees' the headset, but when I select it in the drop-down, it never saves, and I can't hear ATC in the headset. I don't see changing the USB headset to default a good option; the sound menu in FSX worked just fine and didn't have these issues.
  4. LtRob

    Sound settings don't work?

    I have the same issues. I can't EVER get my USB headset to work for ATC. It shows in the drop-down menu, but nothing I do will get it to 'stay' in the P3D configuration. It is a quite frustrating issue, one that FSX never presented. FSX would sometimes 'kick out' the USB headset if I was to plug in a USB device, but it would take only 1-click in the sound drop-down to get the USB headset working. IF P3D doesn't work with a USB headset for ATC, it most likely will be a deal-breaker for me.
  5. LtRob

    Assessment of P3D V2 Default Aircraft?

    My hope is that LM would purchase the rights to Captain Sim's C-130, and finally do the systems modeling in the CS C-130 some justice! The CS C-130 looks and flies very nice, but the systems are woefully poor compared to real. BTW, I maintained C-130s for 20+ years.