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Adrian West

AI aircraft in Berlin

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I have just installed Gernot Zander's freeware scenery for the new Berlin Brandenburg Airport (EDDB) which was released just a couple of days ago. The real airport was supposed to open on 3 June, but the news came through yesterday that the opening is being delayed until later in the summer.


The scenery effectively closes the old Tegel (EDDT) and Tempelhof (EDDI) airports by putting crosses on all of the runways, switching off the lights and turning off the navaids. However I have discovered a couple of issues with AI traffic at the airports. I use World of AI and GA Traffic.

  • At the new EDDB I am getting only the airlines that would be expected at the old East Berlin Schönefeld airport (Easyjet, Germanwings, etc) - EDDB is after all an extension of the old airport.
  • I am still getting AI traffic at both EDDT and EDDI. At EDDT I am getting the airlines that you would expect (Lufthansa, BA, etc). At EDDI I am still getting some GA traffic, and yet Tempelhof has in fact been closed since 2008!

I accept that I have installed EDDB a month before it was due to open. But that should not be a problem in our FS world! How then can I stop AI traffic appearing at EDDT and EDDI? And how can I get the airlines that fly into EDDT to switch to EDDB? Or is this something that will happen through World of AI updates once the new airport has opened in real life and Tegel has closed?


Thanks for your help.

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Hello Adrian,


since I use to install WOAI packages manually into one huge traffic.bgl file, I was able just to replace "EDDT" with "EDDB" (as I did some years ago with EDDI). How many WOAI packages do you have?


Changing all them manually seems the only way to make the change, because working with three AFCAD files, differing in only the ICAO codes, seems not to be appropriate in my opinion due to scenery conflicts, not to mention de-activating existing AFCAD files for EDDI and EDDT. But perhaps it's worth a try?


By the way,

- I continue to use German Airports' Berlin Sceneries to preserve the remarkable buildings at EDDI and EDDT

- I wondered a little but about the airline parking designations of Gernot Zander's scenery. Germanwings and Easyjet parking at the gates; Lufthansa, Qatar, Swiss etc. on a remote apron...?

- and last but not least, I really looked forward to use EDDB for my summer vacation in real life, what seems to be not realistic anymore.




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