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No Comm Frequencies

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I tried flying to SAN and when I loaded my flightplan into RC there is no comm frequencies on the comm page nor any runway to select. When i asked for my clearance RC cleared me to "airport as filed" its like it doenst recognize SAN at all. I tried loading up a flight from SAN also and when I loaded the flightplan again there was no information for SAN. I selected ok anyways and then it made my FS crash. Anyone ever have problems flying to/from SAN? I am using FlyTampa's scenery.

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Be sure your makerwys is current from here as it fixes some scenery issues.




and then run it again.


RC4 has fixed database of frequencies. Here is the KSAN data in f4.csv (this must not be edited in Excel or database application:

KSAN,San Diego Intl-Lindbergh,134.8,125.9,123.9,118.3,122.95,0,125.3,124.35

which if your scenery build and flight plan are OK should be picked up.


open a4.csv in your rxcv4\data folder with wordpad (make a backup) and search for KSAN to check your scenery build. The coordinates should agree with your flight plan.


It should look similar to this earlier KSAN from Fly-Tampa:

KSAN, , 32.7334 ,-117.189 ,-13.3 , 14 , 9394

that I had from an Aerosoft suite of their airports.


In your fs folder is a log file of makrwys called runways.txt. It is very large ans you need word or wordpad to open it. Search for KSAN and after the default you should find the two last sections for it looking like this (in part);


Area.176 "US-Airports-SanDiego" (Layer=180)

Local=aerosoft\U.S. Airports\SanDiego


aerosoft\U.S. Airports\SanDiego\scenery\af2_flytampa_ksan.bgl


Deletions check for Airport KSAN:

Delete all taxiways!



Delete all runways and starts!


*** DelBth *** KSAN0090 Lat 32.737114 Long -117.204376 Alt 14 Hdg 93 Len 9394 Wid 200 ILS 110.90, Flags: GS DME BC


*** DelBth *** KSAN0270 Lat 32.729996 Long -117.174942 Alt 14 Hdg 273 Len 9394 Wid 200 ILS 110.90, Flags: DME BC



Delete all taxiways!



COM: Delete all frequencies!


aerosoft\U.S. Airports\SanDiego\scenery\af2_flytampa_ksan.bgl



Airport KSAN :N32:44:00.7930 W117:11:22.7597 14ft

Country Name="United States"

State Name="California"

City Name="San Diego"

Airport Name="San Diego Intl-Lindbergh"

in file: aerosoft\U.S. Airports\SanDiego\scenery\af2_flytampa_ksan.bgl


Runway 9 /27 centre: N32:44:00.2423 W117:11:20.3152 14ft

Runway 9 closed for take-off

Start 9 : N32:44:10.8677 W117:12:04.2773 14ft Hdg: 106.0T, Length 9394ft

Computed start 9 : Lat 32.736961 Long -117.203700

Offset Threshold primary: 700 feet

Start 27 : N32:43:52.7592 W117:10:49.2327 14ft Hdg: 286.0T, Length 9394ft

Computed start 27 : Lat 32.729843 Long -117.174260

Offset Threshold secondary: 1810 feet

Hdg: 106.040 true (MagVar 13.300), Concrete, 9394 x 200 ft

Primary ILS ID = ISAN

*** No matching ILS record - assume provided by another layer

Secondary ILS ID = IUBR

*** No matching ILS record - assume provided by another layer

*** Runway *** KSAN0090 Lat 32.736961 Long -117.203697 Alt 14 Hdg 93 Len 9394 Wid 200

*** Runway *** KSAN0270 Lat 32.729843 Long -117.174263 Alt 14 Hdg 273 Len 9394 Wid 200

COM: Type=8 (APPROACH), Freq=119.60, Name="SOCAL"

COM: Type=8 (APPROACH), Freq=124.35, Name="SOCAL"

COM: Type=1 (ATIS), Freq=134.80, Name="KSAN"

COM: Type=7 (CLEARANCE), Freq=125.90, Name="LINDBERGH"

COM: Type=9 (DEPARTURE), Freq=119.60, Name="SOCAL"

COM: Type=9 (DEPARTURE), Freq=124.35, Name="SOCAL"

COM: Type=5 (GROUND), Freq=123.90, Name="LINDBERGH"

COM: Type=8 (APPROACH), Freq=120.05, Name="SOCAL APPROACH"

COM: Type=8 (APPROACH), Freq=125.15, Name="SOCAL APPROACH"

COM: Type=8 (APPROACH), Freq=125.30, Name="SOCAL APPROACH"

COM: Type=8 (APPROACH), Freq=127.30, Name="SOCAL APPROACH"

COM: Type=8 (APPROACH), Freq=132.20, Name="SOCAL APPROACH"

COM: Type=6 (TOWER), Freq=118.30, Name="LINDBERGH"

COM: Type=3 (UNICOM), Freq=122.95, Name="SAN DIEGO INTL-LINDBERGH"

Taxipoint #0, type 1 (normal): N32:44:12.6170 W117:12:11.6351 -- Forward

Taxipoint #1, type 1 (normal): N32:43:48.0621 W117:10:29.8179 -- Forward

Taxipoint #2, type 1 (normal): N32:44:09.1832 W117:12:14.0183 -- Forward

Taxipoint #3, type 1 (normal): N32:43:45.2114 W117:10:34.9772 -- Forward

Taxipoint #4, type 1 (normal): N32:43:46.1832 W117:10:29.7470 -- Forward

Taxipoint #5, type 1 (normal): N32:43:42.5226 W117:10:41.4419 -- Forward

Taxipoint #6, type 1 (normal): N32:43:45.0818 W117:10:33.2280 -- Forward

Taxipoint #7, type 1 (normal): N32:43:51.9494 W117:10:30.1734 -- Forward

Taxipoint #8, type 1 (normal): N32:43:57.8452 W117:10:54.5758 -- Forward

Taxipoint #9, type 1 (normal): N32:43:58.3311 W117:10:55.7104 -- Forward

Taxipoint #10, type 1 (normal): N32:44:05.0367 W117:11:23.5612 -- Forward

Taxipoint #11, type 1 (normal): N32:44:16.4071 W117:11:10.4743 -- Forward

Taxipoint #12, type 1 (normal): N32:43:58.9790 W117:10:55.8133 -- Forward

Taxipoint #13, type 2 (Hold Short): N32:43:56.5494 W117:10:54.0429 -- Forward

Taxipoint #14, type 1 (normal): N32:43:42.9438 W117:10:42.6715 -- Forward

Taxipoint #15, type 1 (normal): N32:43:50.8804 W117:10:49.6078 -- Forward

Taxipoint #16, type 1 (normal): N32:43:59.3029 W117:11:38.4476 -- Forward

Taxipoint #17, type 1 (normal): N32:43:55.8043 W117:11:39.7092 -- Forward

Taxipoint #18, type 1 (normal): N32:43:53.1156 W117:11:41.3909 -- Forward

Taxipoint #19, type 1 (normal): N32:44:01.6029 W117:11:48.1066 -- Forward

Taxipoint #20, type 1 (normal): N32:43:58.9142 W117:11:49.0707 -- Forward

Taxipoint #21, type 1 (normal): N32:44:03.5790 W117:11:57.9557 -- Forward

Taxipoint #22, type 1 (normal): N32:44:02.4451 W117:11:58.3694 -- Forward



note the path to the sceenery in the header of each section.


As the last pair that would have the highest priority for RC's data. The frequencies here are not used.


In FS you can check r5.csv and its copy in rcv4\data r4.csv for KSAN data using the same method of opening in word or wordpad.


Let us know your results.

Ron Ginsberg
KMSP Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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I made up a quick FS9 plan using FSBuild 2.4. The plan showed correctly on the RC4 Main screen and Controller creens as attached;






It is possible your f4.csv file is corrupt. Send me a PM with your e-mail address and I'll send you mine zipped up. You can then rename yours and install mine to see if it makes a difference.


Here is the plan exported in FS9 format.



title=KLAS to KSAN

description=KLAS, KSAN




departure_id=KLAS, N36* 04.48', W115* 09.08',+002181.00


destination_id=KSAN, N32* 44.00', W117* 11.22',+000017.00



waypoint.0=KLAS, A, N36* 04.48', W115* 09.08', +000000.00,

waypoint.1=RBELL, I, N36* 04.34', W115* 15.08', +000000.00,

waypoint.2=ROPPR, I, N35* 58.16', W115* 18.05', +000000.00,

waypoint.3=RODDD, I, N35* 51.26', W115* 18.54', +000000.00,

waypoint.4=BOACH, I, N35* 40.41', W115* 17.40', +000000.00,

waypoint.5=ZELMA, I, N34* 46.59', W115* 19.47', +000000.00,

waypoint.6=JOTNU, I, N34* 19.33', W115* 31.46', +000000.00,

waypoint.7=TNP, V, N34* 06.44', W115* 46.11', +000000.00,

waypoint.8=JLI, V, N33* 08.25', W116* 35.09', +000000.00,

waypoint.9=KSAN, A, N32* 44.00', W117* 11.22', +000000.00,



Let me know if the data I previously posted exists OK.

Ron Ginsberg
KMSP Minnesota, Land of 10,000 Puddles

Support Team


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since the airports populated correctly on that screen, that tells me the files are ok. have you been editing these files? have you been using notepad?


only way to tell me what's happening, if you make a log. click debug before loading the .pln


duplicate the problem, then zip up the log, and send it to me



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