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WED/XP10 Library Object Ideas

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After a few weeks of horsing around with WED, I am now getting ready to apply what I've learned to a legitimate project. I have some ideas for objects which could/should be included in the default XP10 object libraries. These items will expand the palette of an airport designer, and by having them in the default library it will allow for enhanced visuals at stock airports, should designers take advantage of them.


Hangars - While there is a decent selection of hangars in the WED library at this time, many of them include attached grass, parking lots, and cars. This inclusion of ancillary objects is not ideal in all circumstances and I feel I would find myself wanting them removed far more often than wanting them included. Another set of the same hangars without the addon items would be quite welcome, and might give an airport designer more flexibility to use some of the stock hangars where they currently cannot. Depending on hangar orientation, the parking lots and lawns might find themselves overlaying the apron. A few more colors or variations would be good too.


Airport Outbuildings - I have yet to see the classic electrical/utility/radio shed building with the prototypical red/white checkerboard paint job - do they exist in the default library? A small selection of these buildings are near essential for any airport construction project! A set of aviation antenna farms would be nice too, as many major airports will have these within view of the tarmac.


Control Towers - While there are more than a few control towers available, there is just one type which I think still need to be included. One is the "classic" tower found at many Class-C airports (1, 2), Not terribly stylish, but just a good, generic tower without any associated buildings or structures.


Facades - We've got terminals (need just a few more!) and parking garages, but other common buildings which might be facade'able would be hotels. Many airports have on-site or very near-site hotels which might be a good candidate for generic facades. Strip mall facades would also be appreciated, as we could customize the walls to be storefronts or solid, depending on which side of the road we're facing.


A common theme to my ideas is looking for items without too much addon embellishment - being able to drop in a control tower with an administration building attached might be suitable for quick projects, but also being able to drop in just a tower, and then an office in the correct location, and then a parking lot in the correct location can make a "plausible" version turn into a "realistic" version rather quickly.


Unsolicited Thoughts on WED:


All told, my experimentation with WED shows it to be a fairly complex design environment, but not so bad as to push people away. Dropping in objects and facades is straightforward, but the method WED uses to draw in taxiways and lines is most certainly the biggest drawback. As someone coming from the MSFS world, I'm used to drawing a line, defining its width, lighting and markings, and voila! A taxiway with smooth curves and perfectly placed centerlines are created. With WED, one needs to draw in the polygons themselves as taxiways and draw in the centerlines by hand, which is tedious at best - especially when the prospect of a major airport is looming in front of you.


Having played with WED for a while now, I have a very high degree of appreciation for the work which went into the re-tooled Washington-National (KDCA) airport which is included with Robin's latest official airport data package. If you haven't seen it, at least pay it a brief visit. No buildings, but the layout is certainly impressive work.


Crowdsourcing airports is not going to be a trivial process. With one runway, one taxiway setups, it's not too bad at all... but with larger, major airports, it becomes a pretty big undertaking for the author.


With the receipt of my 8-DVD set the other day, I'm about to dig into working on my local airports. It's going to be a mess, but my hope is to create work which will also be added into the default X-Plane database for the enjoyment of everyone without the muss and fuss of downloading.


Now if only they could get rid of that 10 story office tower which is rising out of my neighbor's pool... (UGH!)



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Hi Simon, you can use 3rd party art assets like OpensceneryX, and FF; but any airport using them will not be accepted into the Robin Peel's database once WED gets its "send-to-Robin" submission feature http://developer.x-plane.com/2012/05/how-will-your-airports-get-into-x-plane/


I agree with Greg, some of the art assets -- particularly the towers, are nicely detailed but they have other associated stuff attached such as ground and cars which make using them kinda awkward for some airports.


Finally, a greater variety of terminal facades would be welcome as there are currently only 6 facades (3 classic, and 3 modern terminals). Also a green, orange, and beige hanger and warehouse facades would be nice as well.

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Editing: Looks like Carrot got in first with a reply, but here's mine anyway...

--- ---- ----


Indeed I am Simon, but those external libraries will exclude any scenery that uses it from being accepted into Robin Peel's/Laminar's official airport database.


If crowdsourcing is to properly catch on, the default library needs to be as rich as possible so that people aren't drawn to using 3rd party libraries which remove their eligibility for inclusion. 3rd party libraries are fine for scenery which will be downloaded by a user individually, but I'd want my work included in the default airport database at some point so that ALL XP users can benefit from it, should they fly to those airports...



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One of the ideas I have is whether the likes of you and me can submit art assets to LR for inclusion in the libraries. That's somewhat the idea with opensceneryX. But the LR library is getting pretty big too, and it would make submission to Robin more compelling, rather than submission to a download site.


I've been working on my local airport a lot, making most buildings in sketchup. Basically all I have to do is strip out the company logos and they'll be good candidates for a scenery library.


But anyways, my 2 pennies worth on what would be good for the library:



All sorts of people. Jeans and T-Shirts people, Business suit people, yellow vest people, air marshallers, police officers, offshore workers. Every airport has them, and a selection of such items in the library would help bring the airport alive.


Better Choice of antennas & wind turbines

At the moment there are some antennas from the "g8" folder, but they are somewhat limited in choice. They only detailed one behaves a bit strange. Antennas feature on most VFR / Apporach charts as obstacles and so they are good candidates to include outside the perimeter fence.


Same goes for wind turbines. There's a rather fine 100m tall General Electric turbine included in the library right now. However a choice of smaller turbines are required. These things are sprouting up all over my corner of the world, and they are some of the most visible man made landmarks you can see from the air.


More "fence facades"

We've got a pretty good perimeter fence facade included already. However some pedestrian railings, and crash barriers would be very welcome. That, along with low level hedges and barbed wire farming fences would go down a treat.


More Apron / taxiway materials

We've currently got Tiled Concrete, Asphalt and stripey grass to choose from. A bit more variety is needed. How about different shades of Asphalt.

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Wider variety of static aircraft (especially for heavies)

Right now you only have two choices for static heavies, either a MD-88 or a Boeing 747. Having more heavies would be more realistic.

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Jersey Barriers



Airport Firetrucks (Red / Day-Glo Lime Green)

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