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    Muwhahaha you don't really want to know do you?

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  1. Yeah J, im lovimg it too, so schmooooth!! And quick to load. I've barely flown any sims the last couple of yrs, but this sim has brought me back
  2. Cool! Is any of this to be incorporated into the dcs SIM? Approx ETA? Great to see some results
  3. That's Kewl! Make sure you share the outputs! Here and at the org or xpilot. Pm me when u share and we'll notify our readers at xsimreviews! It's worth persevering eh!
  4. Alas you need to outline every single house and building. Haven't used it for awhile, but I think you can't choose what it exports, but there are other tools that I can't recall the name of, that let you delete whole categories. Be careful if you are not sure, make sure you don't save back to the live OSM.
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