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  1. Simmo W

    Aerofly FS 2 has two drawbacks

    Yeah J, im lovimg it too, so schmooooth!! And quick to load. I've barely flown any sims the last couple of yrs, but this sim has brought me back
  2. Simmo W

    Earth Simulations Autogenesis

    Hey Kevin, these last images, are they previews? I haven't found anything that dense in 6-1 northwest Scotty! It's a fantastic scenery eh. Best I've ever seen, on any sim
  3. Simmo W

    What good data can give you

    Hey that's excellent. What area so we can try ourselves? Yes this tech is looking really promising for good osm areas
  4. Runs really well in P3D V2.3. Superb scenery, though it's hefty at 45gigs. Easy for those with fat internet connections. A DVD version coming at the end of mth.
  5. Wow, yes V2.3 runs so well and looks gorgeous. Can't believe there's not more hype about Earth Simulations' new Scotland scenery, it's incredible! Amazing colours and beautifully placed autogen, it's a real alternative to Orbx (and yes I love Orbx too, but this FEELS a level above their stuff, so lovingly made). They're doing the whole of the UK, IF this scenery is successful, so please support (I have no links with them, I'm just a huge fan now!) The download is huge, 45gigs, but well worth the effort to get. DVDs in the works. I'm editing a video as well, it runs very smoothly on my very new GPU. What an amazing time for us flight simmers!
  6. Simmo W

    "Microsoft Sells License to FS Franchise" Part 2

    One word. NINTENDO
  7. Simmo W

    cloud shadows with photoreal

    Damn good question!
  8. Simmo W

    Homeless Pilots

    Yes, you're doing a nice deed, and will get some good friends out of it to boot.
  9. Simmo W

    Why do people do stuff like this?

    I've copped it too! A competitor? I might delete em
  10. Simmo W

    Iris PC-21 on P3Dv2

    I managed to install it fine, using the Estonian installer. Pity it's so hard on frames though, really tanks down to about 18 on my GTX780.
  11. Simmo W

    Prepar3d V2

    Definitely realistic, I'm baking a video that demonstrates it pretty well. No billboarding, it feels and looks like flying through mist, which is what they are, no?
  12. Simmo W

    Prepar3d V2

    Your shots are getting better every time, really nice
  13. Simmo W


    Cool! Is any of this to be incorporated into the dcs SIM? Approx ETA? Great to see some results