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  1. The move to 64 bit is thought by many to be the silver bullet when it comes to OOM crashes.. I'm curious if those who know can talk about how the move the 64 bit will affects the following areas Blurries... specifically ground textures like Orbx regions and Global Blurries due to LOD range.. mountains in background often look blurred until you are with specific range. Photoreal... textures and mesh. Will there still be mesh popping and texture blurries. Autogen popping Object texture popping...i.e. Buildings that are black and then their textures come in like in skyscrapers on large city sceneries. FPS... of course I understand that v4 gives more power to developers and each product will yield different results but even some discussion for what to look for in an optimized add on would be helpful
  2. wallydog

    Milviz p38 civilian now free

    This is a great addon. Curious to kow if they ever made the model to work with P3D dynamic reflections.
  3. 11..seems some folks think that 11 is a game changer but curious how demo is different from the beta
  4. I downloaded and tried the demo but was not necessarily blown away as some others. I found the cockpit shadows blocky, clouds to be a little blobby and hat difficulty with slow panning with my hat stick. After hearing quite a few raves from the PD3 forums i thought I would post here to see what the demo is missing compared to the beta version.
  5. wallydog

    Looking for P3D v3.1 default effect File

    Thanks, Just sent you a PM. Wally
  6. It seems that an install of NL2000 v4.0 has corrupted my fx_1.bmp and fx_2.bmp texture effect files. Would anybody be kind enough to send a copy of these files to me. Thanks
  7. wallydog

    Norway! UPDATED

    Thank you for reviving this thread. I've been a big fan of this scenery but have had a hard time keeping up with all the changes especially with all the Orbx stuff. Can someone please answer if this is stand alone scenery or is it meant to be used with FTX Global or FTX Norway. I don't have either installed but I recall there being Mesh and LC which ORBX also provides so it all gets a bit confusing. There's also also different payware/freeware Mesh and vector packages wich starts to make my head spin. It would be great is someone could update the installation order for vanilla FSX, P3D v2/3, and FTX regions if needed. THX
  8. Steve, Thanks for posting. What drivers are you using. Many AMD users have reported crashing issues and LM have confirmed that the latest AMD hardware with these latest drivers are problematic.
  9. From Damian Hello everyone! We're pleased to announce that a new service update for ASN for FSX and P3D is now available in OPEN BETA format. This is a BETA version, not yet extensively tested, and may have issues. Please use at your own risk. This update brings P3D v3 compatibility (ASN for P3D) and fixes a radar API issue related to lighter rain and improper intensity of radar depiction (ASN for FSX and ASN for P3D). The update can be downloaded from our downloads page. Please post bug reports/issues in a new thread. Thank you for your participation in this OPEN BETA test! We hope to release this update officially in the coming days, after more testing and applying any fixing/adjustments required. http://www.hifisimtech.com/forums/showthread.php?5169-Service-Update-20150930-with-P3D-v3-support-and-radar-API-fix-OPEN-BETA
  10. wallydog

    A quick P3D V3 video

    Rob, Thanks for the video.Looking forward to more! From the video, it seems that the issue with tessellated water clipping wake effects is still present. Its been mentioned that P3D licenses sundog software's water but their demos show rotorwash and wakes without clipping. Curious to know if you have any insight why this is a challenge to fix or if its something the end user can accomplish through the sundog sdk?
  11. wallydog

    What's going on with P3D

    Any official word on future patches or versions? Would love to know where LM is taking P3D next.
  12. wallydog

    Latest Generation Intel CPU vs 4770K Haswell

    There's some interesting stuff in this topic regarding DX12. I was curious however if anyone knows if the latest generation CPUs from Intel will yield any benefit from legacy chips with the same clock speed. I currently have the i7 950 (oc'd) mentioned by the OP. So does a next gen chip at the same clock speed increase performance (particularly with P3D) or will it be the same? I know the newer chips from Intel are more efficient (ie., use less power) but thought that identical clock speeds and same number of Cores (HT on or off) would yield identical performance.
  13. another masterpiece. Thanks Henrik and everyone involved.
  14. wallydog

    What's going on with P3D

    Yes...very interested to hear what improvements 3.0 will bring vs extending the life of 2.x. It's always been a little unclear to me what LM is allowed to change with their license of the simulator. The way I understand it is that they will or can not change things like flight dynamics but can make it easier for developers to incorporate a more accurate flight dynamics model. They will not improve the default weather engine but will make things easier and more uniform for third party weather developers etc.,etc, so it's unclear to me at least how 3.0 would be a dramatic leap above 2.x aside from graphics and 64 bit?
  15. wallydog

    Prepar3d - Crossfire won't work

    Hoping someone can clarify. I'm currently using an AMD R9 290 and all the talk of Nvidia SLI and no crossfire support has left me a bit confused. I've never used crossfire or SLI but have always assumed that an extra card gave more processing power and thus improved performance. Does this mean that AMD users will see no improvement (i.e., FPS) in P3D v2.x with another card crossfired or simply that they can't use features like multi-monitor?