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  1. Hey denali, I hope you are doing OK. I posted the same question on a Prepar3d forum and this is the answer from Beau (Prepar3D Rendering System Lead): "SMP could potentially allow the use of 3 views rather than 1 to fill your 3 monitors with a much smaller performance hit. It will be interesting to see SMP will be configured and how much work would be necessary to use it in an engine. Describing the physical size, shape, and layout of all connected displays is a fairly complex task for end users. If GPU drivers can provide a standard way to do this, it will be much easier for graphics engines to adopt these techniques. I can't comment on if/when we might support SMP, but it's encouraging to see NVidia focusing on this area as VR and multi-monitor use-cases are important to us. On a side note, there are single-pass multi-projection techniques that work in DirectX11 on current gen hardware, and perform reasonably well. In fact, we have used a form of single-pass multi-projection for rendering our shadow maps since Prepar3D v2." So, there is hope and I think they will work on it as soon as the hardware and the drivers are out.
  2. Just found an interesting article about the new "SMP - Simultaneous Multi-Projection" technology of the upcoming nvidea graphics cards. That will solve the problem?
  3. Hi Gerald, Thank you for your reply. As much as I love a view without peripheral distortion I love the rest of my framerate left. :wink: The screenshot you posted doesn't look bad indeed. Is there a chance for me to test the actual fix on my system?
  4. Hello to all, I've been following this thread since it startet and I am a bit disappointed that nothing new comes up in the last time. As, with my 3 monitor setup, this distortion is really bothering I would love to find a solution. Denalis fix is not available for download anymore. Can someone of you tell me if the peripheral distortion is the sane when you use a "Matrox TripleHead 2 Go"? Right now I have an AMD 295x2 card an use AMD Eyefinity. I would even invest in more hardware if that solves the problem. Thank you guys in advance.
  5. As some of you know P3D is not supported by AMD crossfire. It is because P3D runs in windowed mode to allow different kinds of multi monitor settings as I understood. Unfortunately crossfire wont run in windowed mode. As I just bought a AMD 295x2 card i tried to get support from AMD. After many tries to get an appropriate answer from if they plan windowed mode crossfire support in the near future, they wrote; "No, AMD wont support the windowed mode crossfire in the future." - Means never. So for everybody outhere who have or plan a multi monitor flight sim with good settings AMD should not be the brand of your chose.
  6. AMD R9 295x2 - Anyone?

    After many tries to get an appropriate answer from AMD if they plan windowed mode Crossfire support in the near future, they wrote; "No, AMD wont support the windowed mode crossfire in the future." - Means never.