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  1. anthony_d

    Carenado Cirrus (XP) Released

    Just bought this plane. It's my first G1000 plane, so I wanted a modern GA plane to complement my steam gauge collection. I've only completed one circuit so the remarks below are only first impressions. The good points: - It looks good - Flight characteristics feel very stable. There's no twitchy responsiveness here. Stall speeds with flaps up and down are fairly close to the book. - G1000 features a big step up from the default displays. - Sounds are very convincing. It sounds like a smooth modern engine compared to the rough old pistons. Bad Points: - Frame rates dropped massively from 65fps in my Baron V35 to 25fps in this plane. It seems like CPU has a much bigger draw time compared to the CPU. I hope this can be improved upon. - Brakes are very twitchy. If you just touch the brakes on the rudder pedals, you'll shoot off to the left or right because of differential braking. - The parachute system is not modelled (in so far as if you pull the handle, the flight will reset). It's not a feature I'd use often, but it was a ground breaking headline feature for the real life version of this plane. Parachutes are modelled in xplane, so it's a shame this feature isn't implemented. Uncertain Points - Conversely nose wheel steering is very sluggish. Looking at the design of the plane, I get the impression that the nose wheel probably has no steering capability. In which case I'm wandering if the rudder should have any effect at all at slow taxi speeds. - It's not a fixed blade prop, but prop speed is linked to throttle. There's no constant RPM with this propeller.
  2. Impressive! Will this scenery consume even higher system resources than the V2 scenery? (especially when the visibility limit eventually gets extended?
  3. It's nice to see my airport contributions appear in X-Plane finally. You can fly to the western isles of scotland (e.g. Barra) and a few other highland airports (e.g. Inverness, Plockton) and see some of my work now. Also check out Humberside, Ronaldsway and Guernsey airports for examples of my work. I submitted all my works about 8 months ago, and in the meantime others have uploaded their own works for these airports to the org. In hindsight I should have done this too.
  4. anthony_d

    10.30 Release Tomorrow!

    I'm interested to know what kind of impact this will have on the functionality of 3rd party aircraft. There are a lot of aircraft specific tweaks in the release notes. I also noticed the absence of DSF scenery draw distance - which is my biggest irritation with the sim right now. Going back through the blogs it does suggest this will be in the 10.30 release. Overall, I'm going to let others report on whether it breaks 3rd party aircraft or not before I dive in. I'm hoping the 3rd party developers have had prior opportunity to test in advance of the public release.
  5. I've spent decent amount of money on aircraft. But I've never spent a penny on airports. Reason for that is simple. Money spent on a plane lasts a lot longer (in terms of time spent on that plane) than money spent on an airport that I may fly into just once or twice given my flying habits. On top of that, there are quite a few decent freeware sceneries to fly to (e.g. Zurich). And just to put the final nail in the coffin, it's often the case that some payware airports suffer quite badly in terms of performance. This is partially due to location (e.g. major airport in big city), and partly due to authors being far too heavy on detail at the expense of performance. The payware aircraft that I spend money on suffer that problem far less acutely.
  6. I'm very impressed by what the tool can offer x-plane. But I'm under no illusions that world traffic is exactly that - a tool. Community support for the tool, (i.e. releasing AI traffic packages), is somewhat lacking. I count 82 packages in total on the org site. Compared to the early days of fs2002 when we had the likes of Project AI, the number of packages available is not only small, but there's a lack of cohesion that you see on other AI sites elsewhere. What this tool needs is community support along the lines of world-of-ai,com , where hundreds of airline ai packages are available to download. For that reason, I've not considered buying this package, impressive though the demo version is.
  7. If someone can: a. Convert fsx ai models and repaints to x-plane b. Re-map Ttools flightplans and aircraft lists to x-plane Then we we'll have a winner on our hands. There's been a lot of hard work put into the ai-traffic fsx community. The ability to avoid a duplication of effort would be very beneficial. However I think for now that's just wishful thinking. However reading the The CJS forum, it seems like the author is very receptive to new ideas, so there may be some hope in the future.
  8. I just tried the evaluation copy here: Overall I'm very impressed by what they've made here. Compared to the AI you get for fsx, there's a lot of extra features. Engine startup and shutdown sounds, and a whole host of AI traffic features (including approach seaparation) make it superior in many ways to the framework offered in fsx. There's some few missing features here and there (including the ability to add daily / weekly itineraries for each aircraft), but overall the framework for creating AI traffic looks pretty robust. So why am I hesitating with buying this? One answer: There's no living, breathing ecosystem to go with it, and there will probably never be one. No world-of-ai, No ai aardvark, no chance of setting up any such hobby websites for x-plane. This paragraph right here in the manual will kill off a living, breathing world of AI Traffic. So if an author wants to make many variants of the B737 (as is the case on ai aardvark - for free), such as the B737-200 they can't. Because a one-size-fits-all B737 is being developed by a third party developer already, who wants a cornered (and probably very small) market. Without that freedom, we're not going to see this promising add-on take off. Until it does, I think my money will be best spent elsewhere. A shame.
  9. Never bought any Orbx packages. I invested fairly moderately into 3rd party addons fs2004, but not at all for fsx. I've now come to uninstall those addons, and soon I'll come to removing the Microsoft Sims alltogether from my machine. I guess others there will do what I've done, but I can't imagine a the tide flowing the other way.
  10. anthony_d

    IXEG 737-300

    A focus on systems certainly gets my vote (speaking as a controls systems engineer in the offshore industry myself). I was about to ask a question on the interaction between systems and cascading effects, when I saw your last blog post about hydraulics. That answers that one! Is it possible see system failures cascade down in similar fashion?
  11. If you take a parameter like this one: LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -50.5 4 -46.3 0 -1 -1 1 40 0.2 1 Open up the .obj file in notepad and just copy and paste it to the bottom of the .obj file. Open up in X-Plane, and see where the light ends up. Adjust parameters to suit positioning and then restart X-Plane. I'm not sure if there's an alternative to opening up X-Plane every time in order to preview object lights.
  12. Afraid I've already done that! One of my efforts in sketchup to appear in Aberdeen
  13. Thanks very much for the explanation Tom. That was very informative.So in theory if the <spread> = -1, that should cast light in all directions (ie. cos 360/2 = -1) as it would with a classic bulb inside your house. However I'm finding that if <spread> <= 0, then that just turns off the light cast on other objects. I'm trying inside my hangar to light up the roof as well as the floor. I guess the workaround is to introduce two opposing light sources on the same spot.Question: does the parameter: sodium_flood have any significance, or is it just a tag name? I'm wandering if it's possible to change the colour of the light at all.
  14. Datarefs..... something I'm new to. I take it these are external inputs for controlling parameters?It would be a good idea. Are you thinking of controlling lights on/off (e.g. lights off when the airport is closed at midnight?)
  15. Evening all,I've been working on a little sub project (WIP) for my Aberdeen Scenery Project (you can download it here):http://forums.x-plan...&showfile=15946So, now I've cranked up the learning curve and have tried making my first building from scratch in sketchup. In this case the largest Bristows Hangar:Trouble with sketchup is that it's not possible to add lights to objects, and after searching around the org on the topic matter I couldn't find any info on the matter, other than discussions on _LIT textures and blender. There doesn't seem to be any official documentation on the matter either.So I did a little digging around some of the library objects and found the entries which define light sources.Here's an example of one such string for a default library hangarLIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS 9.5676 3.1452 -1.5798 0 -0.71 0.71 1 8 0.4 10After some experimenting with three separate lights on my Hangar, I managed to decode the string as follows:LIGHT_PARAM <light name> <x position> <z position> <y position><x shine direction><y shine direction><z shine direction><shine intensity on surfaces> <light spread> <?unknown?> <halo size> Light Name = Not sure of all the posible optionsPostion = metersDirection of light on each axis = 0....1 (unknown unit)Shine Intensity on surfaces: 0=off 1000= nuclear fusion brightLight Spead: 10= GU10 downlight 1000 = Light up the entire airport! <-- Note: light intensity is not diffused by increasing the beam spread.?unknown: 0 = no surface shine 0.1..1.0 = no visible difference 1+ = no surface shineHalo Size: 10= Blinding Antiaircraft searchlight 1= Domestic floodlight 0.2 = dying embers 0 = OffSo after figuring all this out, here's the applied result to my hangar at night:3 flood lights outside, and two down lights inside with the following code:LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -10 4 -46.3 0 -1 -1 1 40 0.2 1LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -30.25 6.7 -46.3 0 -1 -1 1 40 0.2 1LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -50.5 4 -46.3 0 -1 -1 1 40 0.2 1LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -30.25 10 -30 0 -1 0 0.25 40 0.2 0.2LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -30.25 10 -15 0 -1 0 0.25 40 0.2 0.2You need to apply the parameters after exporting from sketchup to xplane. Best to keep a copy of the parameters on a separate text file too.Hope someone finds this info usefulCheersAnthony