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  1. If you take a parameter like this one: LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -50.5 4 -46.3 0 -1 -1 1 40 0.2 1 Open up the .obj file in notepad and just copy and paste it to the bottom of the .obj file. Open up in X-Plane, and see where the light ends up. Adjust parameters to suit positioning and then restart X-Plane. I'm not sure if there's an alternative to opening up X-Plane every time in order to preview object lights.
  2. This shot for me brings home what simming is all about: Great Planes, great scenery and great weather coming together to make a great shot.
  3. Afraid I've already done that! One of my efforts in sketchup to appear in Aberdeen
  4. Thanks very much for the explanation Tom. That was very informative.So in theory if the <spread> = -1, that should cast light in all directions (ie. cos 360/2 = -1) as it would with a classic bulb inside your house. However I'm finding that if <spread> <= 0, then that just turns off the light cast on other objects. I'm trying inside my hangar to light up the roof as well as the floor. I guess the workaround is to introduce two opposing light sources on the same spot.Question: does the parameter: sodium_flood have any significance, or is it just a tag name? I'm wandering if it's possible to change the colour of the light at all.
  5. Datarefs..... something I'm new to. I take it these are external inputs for controlling parameters?It would be a good idea. Are you thinking of controlling lights on/off (e.g. lights off when the airport is closed at midnight?)
  6. Evening all,I've been working on a little sub project (WIP) for my Aberdeen Scenery Project (you can download it here):http://forums.x-plan...&showfile=15946So, now I've cranked up the learning curve and have tried making my first building from scratch in sketchup. In this case the largest Bristows Hangar:Trouble with sketchup is that it's not possible to add lights to objects, and after searching around the org on the topic matter I couldn't find any info on the matter, other than discussions on _LIT textures and blender. There doesn't seem to be any official documentation on the matter either.So I did a little digging around some of the library objects and found the entries which define light sources.Here's an example of one such string for a default library hangarLIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS 9.5676 3.1452 -1.5798 0 -0.71 0.71 1 8 0.4 10After some experimenting with three separate lights on my Hangar, I managed to decode the string as follows:LIGHT_PARAM <light name> <x position> <z position> <y position><x shine direction><y shine direction><z shine direction><shine intensity on surfaces> <light spread> <?unknown?> <halo size> Light Name = Not sure of all the posible optionsPostion = metersDirection of light on each axis = 0....1 (unknown unit)Shine Intensity on surfaces: 0=off 1000= nuclear fusion brightLight Spead: 10= GU10 downlight 1000 = Light up the entire airport! <-- Note: light intensity is not diffused by increasing the beam spread.?unknown: 0 = no surface shine 0.1..1.0 = no visible difference 1+ = no surface shineHalo Size: 10= Blinding Antiaircraft searchlight 1= Domestic floodlight 0.2 = dying embers 0 = OffSo after figuring all this out, here's the applied result to my hangar at night:3 flood lights outside, and two down lights inside with the following code:LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -10 4 -46.3 0 -1 -1 1 40 0.2 1LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -30.25 6.7 -46.3 0 -1 -1 1 40 0.2 1LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -50.5 4 -46.3 0 -1 -1 1 40 0.2 1LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -30.25 10 -30 0 -1 0 0.25 40 0.2 0.2LIGHT_PARAM sodium_flood_XYZBTSS -30.25 10 -15 0 -1 0 0.25 40 0.2 0.2You need to apply the parameters after exporting from sketchup to xplane. Best to keep a copy of the parameters on a separate text file too.Hope someone finds this info usefulCheersAnthony
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