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Hey guys,

My friend recently gifted me PMDG 737 NGX for my FSX and I just needed gps to get to know my position (not cheat. lol),

So i went to the aircrafts panel.cfg to see which window to replace / create, then this is what i found:


[Window Titles]

window00=Main Panel

window01=Lower Main

window02=CDU (Left)

window03=Aft Electronic Panel

window04=Fire Protection

window05=Forward Overhead

window06=Aft Overhead

window07=Overhead Lights

window08=Lower DU

window09=MCP (full)


window11=Zoomed Left Outboard DU

window12=Zoomed Left Inboard DU

window13=Zoomed Upper DU

window14=Zoomed Lower DU

window15=Zoomed Right Inboard DU

window16=Zoomed Right Outboard DU

window17=CDU (Right)


window19=Light Sensor



I never knew that panel numbers exceeded 09, so can anyone please tell me how to open window10 - window20.


Side Question: Some aircrafts use numpad key combinations and i dont have a numpad on my Dell XPS, anyway I could go around that?


Thanks in advance everyone!


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Press alt to bring up the menu bar across the top of the screen (if in full screen) click veiws then instrument panel.


Luke M

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