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FTX ORBX scenery with X-Plane 10

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Hi guys. 

Now that X-plane 10 has become a serious contender in the market, as their panels and aircraft/gauge creation, and flying models are great.  I was considering going over to that from FSX. But (isn't there always one of them), with the implementation of the ORBX FTX scenery, I have reservations, as the FTX. Scenery is amazing. ORBX have stated they are not doing X-plane versions, but,  is there a solution, as many simmers generally find a way?  

My thoughts (for what it's worth). We have plugins for things such as networking and information sharing, such as Wideview, FSUIPC, GPSOut, etc. 

Would it be possible to have a networked output string, parsed with the required information from an X-Plane10 primary server machine, to a machine running FSX with ORBX scenery?  

Information that should only be required is:

Time of day (local-for correct lighting(sun/moon/shadows)








Speed (may be irrelevant as only POV is required for this scenery, but may be required in textures such as rain)

Any thoughts?


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I am curious as to what you're asking. You can definitely send information like that across computers. This is done when connecting to VATSIM or other networks. But this doesn't have anything to do with ORBX's scenery.


Are you asking that you'd like to see the scenery as defined by ORBX while flying XP? If so, you'd need to figure out a way to transfer how they've defined their combination of autogen, hand-placed textures and objects from FSX's format into XP's and place that in XP's scenery folder. This isn't something that can be done over a network.


Did that help or am I misunderstanding your goal?


P.S. I would love someone to make such a converter! :)

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Given the reference to wideview I assume you are thinking of xplane doing the simulation but using a FSX machine to do the rendering with the appropriate telemetry being passed to fsx.


I only see this being a possibility if you had a real cockpit connected to xpx and were only using FSX to render outside views, not virtual cockpits.


tbh, I dont see it worth the hassle if it was possible to get working.

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Thanks trimmer and Jason. Jason, you probably clarified Timmer's question. It is basically that fsx is used for outside rendering only for the scenery. Cockpits and panels are not being displayed. Auto gen is not an issue as, all rending would take place from the fsx computer as normal creating outside views only. This would be to a multi screen/projector setup.

Thanks for the prompt replies.


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