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Aerosoft DTMB Monastir

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RC does not recognise Aerosoft's Monastir in FSX.


Although I have the scenery installed correctly, RC cannot find it.


After loading a flight plan using Vroute and into FMC for the PMDG 737 when I start RC, there is no DMB.


The arrival section is blank with no airport code and the radio frequencies are all blank and greyed out.


Does anyone have any idea what the problem may be and how to sort it?





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Have you updated makerwys.exe and then run a scenery rebuild from within RC? (If you are on an RC client pc to an FS host pc via network run makerwys in your FS folder directly first.) The fixed frequency RC databasehas three frequencies in it. In my FS9 setup I have a different Aerosoft Monastir airport (Holiday Destinations) and the data is there.


Makerwys updates are here:


and fsuipc updates are here:



Be sure you run the scenery rebuild AFTER you have restarted FS when adding or modifying airports so the FS scenery index is updated , then shut down FS and do the RC scenery rebuild. After rebuilding RC scenery restart RC so changes are recognized.


In your FS folder there is a file called runways.txt, a log of what was found by makerwys. Open it in Word or Wordpad (not Notepad, the file is huge). Search for Airport DTMB. Your first section found will be the default in FS, Then all add-ons will have two sections (they may not be together), one a deletion, the other the airport data. My FS9 Aerosoft DTMB data (extract) looks like this:



Area.184 "LTU2005_DTMB" (Layer=191)





Deletions check for Airport DTMB:

Delete all taxiways!



Delete all runways and starts!


*** DelBth *** DTMB0070 Lat 35.754101 Long 10.738411 Alt 9 Hdg 73 Len 9632 Wid 148 ILS 109.90, Flags: GS BC


*** DelBth *** DTMB0250 Lat 35.761570 Long 10.769640 Alt 9 Hdg 253 Len 9632 Wid 148



Delete all taxiways!



COM: Delete all frequencies!





Airport DTMB :N35:45:28.9812 E010:45:16.9994 9ft

Country Name="Tunisia"

State Name=""

City Name="Monastir"

Airport Name="Habib Bourguiba"

in file: aerosoft\LTU2005_DTMB\scenery\LTU2004_DTMB.bgl


Runway 7 /25 centre: N35:45:28.2037 E010:45:14.4903 9ft

Start 7 : N35:45:15.2460 E010:44:20.2915 9ft Hdg: 73.6T, Length 9632ft

Computed start 7 : Lat 35.754101 Long 10.738410

Start 25 : N35:45:41.1615 E010:46:08.6877 9ft Hdg: 253.6T, Length 9632ft

Computed start 25 : Lat 35.761570 Long 10.769640

Hdg: 73.580 true (MagVar 1.000), Bituminous, 9632 x 148 ft

Primary ILS ID = MIS

*** No matching ILS record - assume provided by another layer

*** Runway *** DTMB0070 Lat 35.754101 Long 10.738411 Alt 9 Hdg 73 Len 9632 Wid 148

*** Runway *** DTMB0250 Lat 35.761570 Long 10.769640 Alt 9 Hdg 253 Len 9632 Wid 148

COM: Type=8 (APPROACH), Freq=119.30, Name="BOURGUIBA"

COM: Type=6 (TOWER), Freq=118.30, Name="BOURGUIBA AIRPORT"

Taxipoint #0, type 1 (normal): N35:45:29.2728 E010:44:56.0731 -- Forward

Taxipoint #1, type 1 (normal): N35:45:29.5319 E010:44:57.2158 -- Forward

Taxipoint #2, type 1 (normal): N35:45:30.1150 E010:44:59.6540 -- Forward

Taxipoint #3, type 1 (normal): N35:45:32.3178 E010:45:08.8093 -- Forward

Taxipoint #4, type 1 (normal): N35:45:33.1925 E010:45:12.4288 -- Forward

Taxipoint #5, type 1 (normal): N35:45:34.0347 E010:45:16.0048 -- Forward

Taxipoint #6, type 1 (normal): N35:45:35.7840 E010:45:23.2208 -- Forward

Taxipoint #7, type 1 (normal): N35:45:37.0798 E010:45:28.6282 -- Forward




The last entries of each airport in this file have priority. Check the path in each of the section headers to insure it points to the right scenery. If you have another file not in the Aerosoft installed scenery folder after this you have a priority conflict perhaps from an afd (afcad type) file installed from another package.


Now, to insure your RC rebuild update went through, right click on the following files to get the date and time:


in FS rc5.csv

in RC\data r4.csv

in RC\data a4.csv


The date time stamp should be close within a couple of minutes.


After you get the airport recognized in RC you may want to update the frequency database but follow this optional procedure exactly! Be sure you do backups as indicated below.


The very latest makerwys.exe now builds an f4.csv file in the FS folder. As an "unsanctioned optional procedure" to be done at your own risk you can use this file of frequencies pulled from your scenery but take these precautions first:


In your RC folder make a safe copy of keyboard.dat and rcv3.dat to avoid a reinstall of RC if there is a problem. In your RC\data folder rename f4.csv to f4.fxd to preserve a copy and make room for the new f4.csv. Do not start RC until after the next step.


Copy from your FS folder f4.csv to your RC\data folder. You are now using frequencies pulled from your scenery.


You can now start RC and check the controller tab after loading a flight plan.


This thread is where the frequency update optional procedure was debugged:



This last part is optional and must be carefully done. If you start RC without a valid f4.csv file your rcv3.dat file will corrupt and RC will not restart.


DTMB,Habib Bourguiba,128.12,0,0,118.30,0,0,119.30,119.30 is the way the current entry in f4.csv needs to be modified to add ATIS and use the approach also as the departure frequency. You can check if you just want to update this one airport by copying that line (using notepad- never excel or other spreadsheet) from the FS f4.csv file to your rc\data f4.csv file but first make backups as noted in the above procedure. I got ATIS from the current DTMB charts here:


http://www.oaca.nat....TMB AD 2.24.htm

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Hi, I just found this post becuase I have the same problem.

I have read and re read these instructions and I am a little confused.


Can I simply run the latest makerwys applciation in the main fsx folder and then rebuild the scenery db in rc4 and im good to go?

Also I notice in the read me of the downloaded "makerwys" folder from here http://forum.simflig...ional-programs/ about half way down or more it says "After running the program to completion, just copy the files to their respective program's folders." do I also have to do this and if so what exactly do you?


And last question do I also need to follow all the rest of the advice in Ron Ginsberg post above? after I have done the above?



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The advice above with the logs, etc., is for troubleshooting.


Install the lastest makerwsys.exe in your FS folder. If you have RC on a client to an FS host first run makerwys.exe directly in your FS folder. Then run RC as follows.


In RC and FS are on the same pc just run RC after installing makerwys in the FS folder. Run RC and start the scenery rebuild. Be sure the path to FS (local or network) is correct when queried. Mine on my local pc is:

h:\program files\microsoft games\flight simulator 9.


When asked if you are on a network (WideFS) client if you answer no, RC will start running makerwys and after you OK the completion box RC will start copying files from your fs folder to the rc\data folder and then generate one more file. If you answer yes to the network question RC will not run makerwys in your fs folder but just start copying files over the network from the FS folder in your host to the rc\data folder on your client. Be sure to answer OK to all of the RC steps when requested. Wait about thirty seconds and then close RC, Restart it and then load your flight plan regarding any missing airport.


Check the RC controller page to make sure your airport is there.


If this airport is new since about 2004 then there will be a couple of additional steps regarding com frequencies and the MSA data file RC uses. These are not pulled from your scenery.


Reply here if you still have difficulties.

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Hi Ron thanks for your reply and sorry for further questions. Its just I wanted to check I understand correctly as I dont want to mess up my fsx installtion which last time took me 3 evenings to get properly installed.

So just a couple of questions if thats ok as I am in no way an expert in the workings of fsx as it seems you are.


1) You have FS9 I have FSX I guess the instructions are the same right?


2)RC and FS are on the same PC, not networked.

So all I need to do is...

A) Install the latest makerwsys.exe in my local fs folder

B )Run RC and do scenery rebuild, say no to widefs client.

C) Wait a while then close and restart RC and test


3) I read the readme file of makerunwaysys and it seems it makes a lot of changes, is there any chance it could mess up my installtion and all my payware scenery? by doing this or anything else I should be awar of?


4) In makerwsys readme it also says "After running the program to completion, just copy the files to their respective program's folders." do I need to do anything like this or simply just run the instraller and thats it.


As I said sorry for the questions I am just trying to avoid doing something to my fsx installation I may regret later and cannot undo


Many thanks

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makerwys.exe (nor RC) affect your FSX installation. makerwys.exe just reads FS files and adds some to the FS folder. It was just updated to 4613. Other than the paths the process is the same for FS9 and FSX. Makerwys when RC executes it will know what you have installed.


RC's scenery rebuild does all of the file copying. If on Win 7 or VISTA rc should be started with a shortcut with a property set to run as admin, a program, not user account, level. Disregard the manual copying reference in the makerwys instructions. Be sure your path to your FS folder is correct. Just unzip makerwys_4613.zip to your FS folder overwriting makerwys.exe and its readme files.


Here is what happens when you run the RC scenery rebuild if FS is on the same PC. After you put in the FS path, RC will go to your FS folder and execute makerwys.exe. This creates a number of files in your FS folder. RC will then copy r5.csv to the rcv4 or rcv4x data folder as r4.csv, the runway data files. RC will then analyze r4.csv and create a4.csv which is the airport center coordinates calculated from the various runways position data.


There are two other airport related files in rc\data that are fixed and not pulled from scenery. One is m4.csv and is the MSA and the transition altitude. The other is f4.csv which is the frequency data for airport comms.


For a new not in the 2003 FS database of airports manual editing of m4.csv and f4.csv is required, however that is described in another thread and is for advanced users.


Never open m4 or f4 or any .csv files in anything but a text editor. Do not use a spreadsheet or database editor as it will corrupt those files.

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This is a great example of great customer service.

Thanks very much for taking the time to help and to explain everything to me.

And thanks for patiently answering all my questions.

I am glad to say you have fixed it!!


Many thanks

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