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vatsim questions................. >.<

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Noob questions below....






So I was about to do my first flight on Vatsim... but then I realized I have no Idea what to say to ATC to get away from my gate.



What exactly is the first thing to say to ATC ?

I know im suppose to ask for IFR clearance and then ask for taxi clearance, but i dont know how to ask it without sounding like a moron.


And should I contact ATC before I put my route into the FMC?

Say I have my FMC all set up for departure on runway 26, and then the ATC says taxi to runway 25R.

Then I would have to go back in my FMC and redo everything.. so whatever those first words are to the ATC, im assuming they tell you the runway and then after that you go do your FMC data. am I right?


That being said, ATC will give me the route to fly also?


Just some honest questions that I really need help with. been confused about this..



(BTW - yes I know my aircraft very well and I am familiar with the routes.)

Jerad Burns

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It doesn't sound like you have read up too much on this. There are literally scripts for this in various places online. Here's a couple:


http://www.vatsim.net/prc/ <<<<<< read this entire thing



You can put the route into your FMC whenever you like, but you must be prepared to change it. Even if the controller does tell you to expect runway 25R there's nothing that says they can't change it on you when it's time for taxi either due to traffic or weather. There's no need to "redo everything" in your FMC just the departure/runway as well as the v speeds.


The same applies in the air too. Expect changes and know how to accommodate them in your FMC . If you know you're aircraft this should be a no brainer.


No, ATC will not give you the route to fly unless they are feeling generous. You send them the route and they review it, potentially making amendments.


Your best bet is to read the VATSIM PRC. I'm guessing since you don't know the first words to say, you don't know the rest either. That's okay, we all started there. Read up and observe. While you'r reading up on the above, login to the network at a busy airport and just listen to other pilots. That will also greatly help you get used to the lingo.


Another thing that helps while you are observing is to follow the same aircraft as they go through the different controllers. That way you get practice tuning frequencies too.

Noah Bryant

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We have a great VATSIM forum here at AVSIM. I'm going to move this thread over there where fellow users can help.


Best regards,



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