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What and where did you fly today?

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So how was your daily flight? Flight sim stories or real life!


Both flights were on QualityWings' Bae-146. I was messing around with Drzewiecki Design Miami and flew a (very) short flight from Opa-Locka to Kendell-Tamiami, but something messed up with the ILS landing on final, as the plane was still 300 ft above the runway over the threshold and since the runway is so short I had to go around. All ended well as I went around and requested the visual approach.

Next flight I flew from Crown Point, Tobago to St. Maarten, using LatinVFR's Crown Point and of course FlyTampa's St. Maarten. Took a little while cruising along at FL300 but it was worth it. As I was on base I was ripping my hair out as I over-ran the turning point to turn final because the ATC wasn't working so well. Minor corrections and managed to get the approach back on track and landed perfectly, right on the centerline.

Tomorrow I plan on fooling around with some VFR flight around Miami and finally tackling the St. Maarten - Miami flight in Aerosim's 787. It's upwards of 3 hours but I think it will be fairly interesting along the way! Some time in the future I plan on doing a group of German flights, with short hauls from Berlin to Hamburg, Hamburg to Lubeck and Padderborn and also doing a couple Air Hamburg flights from Hamburg to Helgoland in the Bn-2.

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I flew the last leg of a flight that began at Sitka, from Sand Point to Dutch Harbor (PASD-PADU), real world weather courtesy of AS2012 Beta 3 in FSCaptain's freeware DC-3C 1948 version. Dutch Harbor runway 30 has a harrowing approach that includes "circle to land".


I had to stay low to keep under the ceiling and thread my way around islands. I botched the first approach and found out that if you bank a DC-3 enough you don't have enough rudder and will slip straight into the ground. After the crash put me back at 1000 feet, I coyly announced I was going around and flew a normal pattern with a good landing.


As I pulled off the runway to park, I discovered that the radio transmission I'd ignored was a Mooney taxiing to the runway. Pushback saved the day, and I watched him take off, then taxied to parking. I'd started at Sitka with 804 gallons of fuel, ended up with 65, enough for a 40 minute reserve.



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