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Golden Era Virtual Welcomes PMDG Pilots!

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PMDG Pilots,



With the upcomming, and HIGHLY anticipated DC6 comming out from PMDG. Golden Era Virtual would like to extend an offer to those profesional pilots who want to fly it together!




What this means for PMDG Pilots:


When the PMDG DC6 is released we will be adding it to our fleet instantly. We will also be including a section in our forum for story swapping on your adventures with this aircraft. We will also be looking for top of the line pilots to provide support to help newer pilots with learning this beauty of the skies.




A little GEV background:


Golden Era Virtual has only been around a short time. Golden Era Virtual was founded on December 23rd 2012, and went active Janurary 1st 2013. In this short amount of time, we have accumulated over 10 pilots from across the world. The virtual airline was created from scratch with a vision of more then just flying the big jumbo jets. GEV's fleet consists propliners only. We are a VATSIM only VA, that uses the VAFS5 client to run our ACARS. With this system our pilots fly for more then just hours, they fly for virtual currency as well.


GEV is like no other virtual airline, in that we mean, real life comes first. We dont force activity on our pilots, or expect/demand rediculusly long flights to sustain a position within the VA. Our doors are open to all pilots interested in flying with us. Our number one belief is that within the flying world we are all family. Thats how we treat our pilots!






*3x Boeing 377 Stratocruiser

*3x Beech Model 18

*3x Douglas DC-3

*3x Lockheed Constellation L-049

*3x SAAB 90 Scandia






KLGA - LaGuardia International: 1x Beech Model 18, 1x Douglas DC-3, 3x Boeing 377 Stratocruiser


KMEM - Memphis International: 1x Beech Model 18, 1x Douglas DC-3, 3x Lockheed Constellation L-049


KTPA - Tampa International: 1x Beech Model 18, 1x Douglas DC-3, 3x SAAB 90 Scandia




Where to find us:


If you are interested, or looking for more information about us. Please visit our website, or even join our open TeamSpeak. the information is provided below, we look forward to seeing you with us!





Website: www.goldeneravirtual.com


Teamspeak: ts45.gameservers.com:9204





-Jeremy Elliott


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