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Trying DX10 - cloud clipping

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Thank you to everyone for sharing your discoveries and tutorials for setting up DX10. I'm hopeful that going to DX10 will be a net gain but I'm blocked by one very visible glitch: my clouds are clipped - see attached image. I reverted to my DX9 settings and the problem goes away. This is with stock clouds and with Active Sky 2012 clouds, both uncompressed and DX5 compressed. It seems to occur only at the edges of wide angle views; in other words angles maybe 30+ degrees off boresight of the camera. Perhaps the cloud shader math breaks down at large angles?


To best duplicate go to a tower view on a cloudy day and zoom out the view a few clicks then pan around the skyline.


According to Process Explorer my GPU is only at 45% GPU and 40% memory usage so it does not appear to be GPU overload.


I followed the advice of the How To and began with a fresh cfg file, made the cfg file changes including the buffer pool settings as given. I also made sure the DX10 shaders recompiled.


Any ideas?




PS This is with Shader v 3.2.2

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I'm unable to duplicate this with the default clouds. I have AS2012 but it's not installed yet but, when I did have it installed, the clouds were awesome (maybe not if I had used the tower view like you did though). The clouds look horrible in your picture (and so does the sky)(could be my 30" Dell Monitor). I doubt a DX10 compatibility issue. Did you delete the Shader10 folder in the User/AppData folder before running FSX? DX10 Preview is just what the title states - a preview. Do you have any other shader programs installed, like the ENB module or SweetFX? DX10 was never really coded completely for FSX as Microsoft wanted to launch Acceleration. They planned on refining the code once Acceleration was released with another SP. However, Microsoft ended FSX development too soon for the refinement to occur. If the FSX development team was still active and publishing updates to FSX, we would we looking at DX11 or maybe DX12 coding and that would be at the extreme end of today's graphics technology. Steve is trying to patch it as much as he can and I hope problems such as yours can eventually be fixed. Square clouds have been a problem in DX9 mode for years with FSX and FS9 and it has been attributed to texture corruptions from loss of cloud textures through installation/uninstallation of third party software, like REX and ASX. I just recently reinstalled FSX and maybe that's the reason I cannot duplicate this cloud corruption.


Best regards,


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Thanks for the relief, Jim; you have no idea how "upside-down" life has suddenly become!


Coupla things, Clark: I'd like to know if is does this still clip if you change back to the default ShadersHLSL file?, and - did it do it with the 3.2.1 version as well?

Lastly - could you copy/paste your fsx.cfg in a reply (attachment in Full Reply options) here, please, renamed as "Clark_fsx.txt"?


Many thanks,



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The pic is of stock clouds and represents only the tiny part of the sky exhibiting the problem. 90% of the sky/clouds are rendered fine. I verified that the shader cache folders are deleted between tests. The problem does not occur with DX9 but does occur with both original and new DX10 shader_hlsl folders so it isn't new then.


Only seems to occur at wide zoom levels and cloudy days and only a few of the clouds exhibit the effect so it would be easy to miss. Unless its just my system of course. I have the latest CCC center and drivers.


Cfg file attached. I've toyed with FXAATool (DX injection) but I reverted back to the original DX9 and dx10 dlls since I didn't see much improvement.


Thanks for your help. I don't want you to spend a lot of time on this; I was just hoping it was a known issue with a known solution. :)

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