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New Function announcement - RISK OF CLOSURE tag

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We're introducing a new RISK OF CLOSURE tag for problematic threads. This will be a very easy way to put members on notice that a topic is in a 'going south' :lol: condition, and that if it continues along that path it will be closed.


This should be much clearer and easier to see than an Admin posting a warning in the topic itself (as these can get buried by subsequent posts and many may not see it at all). As an example take a look at the tag to this very topic!

This is a very good notification warning for threads going bad and we're hoping it will help in turning them around.

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The best part is you are going to take the heat for making the announcement instead of me! Seriously, it should help people to realize that a fire is getting a bit too hot.


The special surveillance announcement makes me feel like Inspector Gadget!


Kind regards,

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