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  1. momtchil

    Library Managers - wanted

    Is flight simulation your passion? Is Avsim one of your favorite bookmarks? Would you like to join our team? We are looking for a few volunteers to become library managers and assist us with the Avsim library. If you are interested please send an e-mail to: outlining why you are suitable for the position. For complete job description please see the attached PDF to this post. Replies to this post will NOT be considered as applications for the job, please use the above email. View attachment: Avsim Library Manager Job Description Rev 1.3.pdf
  2. momtchil

    Flight1 King Air B200

    Ok - now that its out of your systems lets put this to rest and let the thread continue.
  3. momtchil

    Flight1 King Air B200

    etc..... Folks (everyone) - please play nice. Lets not ruin the thread.
  4. momtchil

    Windows 8.1 - The Start Button Returns

    The classic shell and other 3rd party alternatives I mentioned earlier bring back the whole start menu to Win8 and are highly customizable to boot too. Bringing back just the start button is useless and entirely cosmetic. Yes - Linux is a real alternative I am very happy to have! Please do not try to get around our rude word filters like that.
  5. momtchil

    Windows 8.1 - The Start Button Returns

    Yeah I've heard of that one and it looks really good, thanks for bringing it up. My own preference is with Classic Shell. It does the same basic thing and is completely free, where as Start8 isn't. There's also something called Pokki too: and there's more options out there for getting the start menu back in Win8, here's a list and review of some: pick and choose! EDIT: Could be they're being silly maybe? :lol: The desktop market is out there and always will be (there's just a number of things that are really awkward to do on a touch screen type of interface), a bit questionable for a business involved with Operating Systems to just ignore it. They can easily do both a desktop and touch screen versions of their OS - why not target everybody instead of excluding potential clients. At any rate - Not happy with Apple and Microsoft - give one of the many Linux distros a try, you may be surprised how good it is and if you get used to it you will wonder how you ever got along without it. At time of writing Linux Mint offers the best all-round desktop OS alternative.
  6. momtchil

    Windows 8.1 - The Start Button Returns

    For anyone wanting to fix their Win 8 desktop to something usable and bring back the start menu - There's this:
  7. momtchil

    Norwegian Air Shuttle Livery Bundle

    No - please do not re-distribute the files without the permission of the author. Ask him first!
  8. momtchil

    Norwegian Air Shuttle Livery Bundle

    A couple of months back the author requested the removal of the files.
  9. momtchil

    So Dissapointed in Captain Sim 777

    Yup - me too................. There was so much potential in the CS 707 (and their 757 too)........oh well..... unfinished. I still like those, but they could have been so much more. Their C-130 was one of the best aircraft I've flown in FS9.... hopefully at some point we'll see that type of quality and releases from them again.
  10. momtchil

    So Dissapointed in Captain Sim 777

    You've missed an offensive post in this thread that was reported to us and has been removed as a result - that's why the surveillance. Anything else you want to know?
  11. momtchil

    You want a VC...?!?

    Thanks for the new icing effects! It looks ok to me, here's a picture of icing on a passenger airliner window: Apart from the snowflakes type of build-up towards the middle the rest looks like what Bjoern's made. I'm happy with it. You wouldn't get exactly that type of build up on the front cockpit windows anyway, but that's the only airplane windows icing photo I could find on short notice. You can always edit the textures and try to improve, feel free to share them if you do.
  12. momtchil

    PMDG 737 NGX liveries

    Moved to NGX forum.
  13. momtchil

    You want a VC...?!?

    Yup, I've said this many times before - with the English manual there's nothing stopping you from learning and flying the Project Tupolev Tu-154M, even if you don't know a word of Russian. It is my very favourite plane to fly in FS9!
  14. momtchil

    You want a VC...?!?

    C'mon, there's been a lot of excellent freeware from the west :lol: and from everywhere else too. That's the good thing about FS - everybody can be into it and we have great stuff coming in from all over the world! After a brief look - the VC textures included in RC2, I think are pretty good, will try to find some photorealistic material. I don't think 3D gauges are going to be possible at all - the VC uses all the original gauges from the TinMouse 2D panel. It may not be possible to adapt and create new 3D gauges and have them work with the rest of the material properly, even if possible it would be very tricky to implement. Anyway, the original TinMouse 2D gauges are really good!
  15. momtchil

    You want a VC...?!?

    Thank you! downloading RC2 and proceeding to dabble in it :biggrin: