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  1. Is flight simulation your passion? Is Avsim one of your favorite bookmarks? Would you like to join our team? We are looking for a few volunteers to become library managers and assist us with the Avsim library. If you are interested please send an e-mail to: library@avsim.com outlining why you are suitable for the position. For complete job description please see the attached PDF to this post. Replies to this post will NOT be considered as applications for the job, please use the above email. View attachment: Avsim Library Manager Job Description Rev 1.3.pdf
  2. No - please do not re-distribute the files without the permission of the author. Ask him first!
  3. A couple of months back the author requested the removal of the files.
  4. Thanks for the new icing effects! It looks ok to me, here's a picture of icing on a passenger airliner window: Apart from the snowflakes type of build-up towards the middle the rest looks like what Bjoern's made. I'm happy with it. You wouldn't get exactly that type of build up on the front cockpit windows anyway, but that's the only airplane windows icing photo I could find on short notice. You can always edit the textures and try to improve, feel free to share them if you do.
  5. Yup, I've said this many times before - with the English manual there's nothing stopping you from learning and flying the Project Tupolev Tu-154M, even if you don't know a word of Russian. It is my very favourite plane to fly in FS9!
  6. C'mon, there's been a lot of excellent freeware from the west :lol: and from everywhere else too. That's the good thing about FS - everybody can be into it and we have great stuff coming in from all over the world! After a brief look - the VC textures included in RC2, I think are pretty good, will try to find some photorealistic material. I don't think 3D gauges are going to be possible at all - the VC uses all the original gauges from the TinMouse 2D panel. It may not be possible to adapt and create new 3D gauges and have them work with the rest of the material properly, even if possible it would be very tricky to implement. Anyway, the original TinMouse 2D gauges are really good!
  7. Thank you! downloading RC2 and proceeding to dabble in it :biggrin:
  8. OK, will wait for the public release (if that's what you mean?) and then dabble in the textures Updated :biggrin:
  9. OK - Will be happy to! Feel free to send me a PM whenever they're ready for dabbling ^_^ EDIT: I can correct the 2021 in your opening post if want :lol: Just let me know what year you want instead - 2019, 2022, 2032, etc... I suggest 2017 - its the year during which NASA is hoping to conduct the maiden flight of its new Space Launch System, which if successful, would be the replacement for their retired Space Shuttles.
  10. My free time is very limited, but will be happy to have a go on the source files and help with the textures as best as I can, if its needed. But I'm sure your textures will be fine and there's many people on the forum who'd be willing to led a hand too. It is for the TinMouse after all!!
  11. Excellent News! There will be a ton of people thrilled to have a VC for the TinMouse - I'm one of them. Thank you for your work, its looking great!
  12. I agree. As they have released the VC textures as payware they really should have discussed with and obtained permission from Level-D before the release.
  13. Yup, its not allowed. I've had to hide the post.
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