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  1. Is flight simulation your passion? Is Avsim one of your favorite bookmarks? Would you like to join our team? We are looking for a few volunteers to become library managers and assist us with the Avsim library. If you are interested please send an e-mail to: library@avsim.com outlining why you are suitable for the position. For complete job description please see the attached PDF to this post. Replies to this post will NOT be considered as applications for the job, please use the above email. View attachment: Avsim Library Manager Job Description Rev 1.3.pdf
  2. Hi HW, Just did a test from my Android phone - downloaded ok. Not sure why its not working for you, but bear in mind that we can't provide effective support and help for all mobile devices (just too many variations of Operating systems, apps, set-ups and hardware). *************************************** The library is working ok. For anyone having issues downloading, please check if your security software is not blocking your downloads from avsim, also make sure you have cookies and 3rd party cookies enabled on your browser. Completely clearing your cache will help if it is overfilled or if your avsim cookies happen to have gotten corrupted. Its generally a good idea to periodically clear your browser's cache from time to time. If you don't know how to do that see here: http://www.wikihow.com/Clear-Your-Browser's-Cache
  3. Format for repaints and AI uploads: <Airline (if applicable and not private a/c)><Nickname (if applicable)><Aircraft Manufacturer (Boeing, Bombardier, etc)><Aircraft Model><Registration (if applicable)> Have had that since the beginning and have constantly informed people about it with announcements and e-mails, but they keep uploading with whatever titles they wish anyway and some have sent us a tirade of abuse over the years to boot as well. In the end we gave up and just correct these to the above format; as we got tiered of the abuse and trying to explain things over and over again to the same people while getting a ton of arrogance in return. Please follow the format or we will correct it. The title format aids the search function and makes your file more easy to find and it also looks consistent with the other repaint files - that's why we do it. Also we never change the filanemes (that's the actual name of the zip file), only the title to fit the above format; and yes we do out best to enforce that in order to have consistency - always have.
  4. Nope he doesn't get it, therefore Lyle221 has now been banned from the FS9 forum indefinitely.
  5. Hi all, http://library.avsim.net/search.php?SearchTerm=b747-400_v2_00.zip Ansgar has been kind enough to re-upload the file. This one was one of the few we couldn't get back following the 2009 hack.
  6. Ok - now that its out of your systems lets put this to rest and let the thread continue.
  7. etc..... Folks (everyone) - please play nice. Lets not ruin the thread.
  8. The SD Yak-40 is freeware now?! I just purchased it a couple of weeks ago from fspilot shop! I've been meaning to get it for years now. I saw it disappear from simmarket and was afraid that with Igor Suprinov's passing it might disappear altogether from the FS scene. Wanted to get it before that happened as its a wonderful aircraft, exceptionally simulated - One of the FS9 gems. Its good to know that it won't be forgotten and that someone's working to make it even better. I hope its all legal and hasn't been stolen, I couldn't find any conclusive information about that. Looks like there's no manual or anything in the way of instructions included with the uploaded file over there, so I guess my purchase was worth it just for getting that and in all honesty I should have gotten this aircraft ages ago, its right up my alley - love the real Yak-40 and have very fond memories of it. In the end I'm not sorry for having spent money on it, even if it may turn out that's its freeware now.
  9. Thank you for reporting it to us. We'll look into it and see if there is anything we can do.
  10. Its time to let the argument go. Yes, please lets do that - We couldn't have said it better ourselves!
  11. Its working fine. No issues since the brief outage in March. Downloads work ok with Chrome too. Do you have any Internet Security software installed that may be blocking downloads?
  12. Sorry, but I don't understand what you are saying? You can send any queries to us at the library directly to: library@avsim.com from whatever e-mail you are using.
  13. Luckily someone from AVSIM staff has stumbled on your post - please send these directly to us at the library otherwise its likely we won't see it. Also please provide the full details of the file as its much easier for us to find it. Is this the one you are having problems with? *************************************** FSAutoStart v1.1 (build 11) Category: Flight Simulator 2004 - Utilities Download ID: 57040 Filename: fsasv1111.zip License: Freeware, limited distribution Added: 25th November 2004, 05:35:46 Downloads: 67902 Author: Ken Salter Size: 246kb *************************************** I haven't used this myself, but I am not aware of any issues with this program. Its got 67902 downloads and has been around since 2004 - we haven't been sent any complaints about it at the library e-mail that I am aware of, certainly there's no complaints or anything about it sent to us for the last couple of years. If there are issues with it keep in mind that the file and software is from 2004 and may have issues if you try to run it in Windows 8 or even Windows 7 (I imagine the software was originally meant for use in Windows XP and earlier). As the file is from a while ago (almost 9 years now) the author and his sites are no longer available. Also keep in mind that in the end this is all free and while it may not work for you, it may have use for others out there. Therefore we will not be complying with your request to remove it. Generally, as all files are checked manually and scanned for malware and viruses prior to being made available, we only remove files from the library on request of their authors or for copyright infringements. The program is for FS9 and with today's powerful computer systems I don't really think you need it to optimise system performance - and that does seem to be its main purpose: -------------------------------- ''FSAutoStart allows the user the ability to automatically shutdown services and programs to provide as much resources to running today's most demanding applications........'' -------------------------------- FS9 will run like a dream on modern PCs, so if 'FSAutoStart' doesn't work for you I think you can easy make do without it. Let us know if there's anything else we can help you with.
  14. The classic shell and other 3rd party alternatives I mentioned earlier bring back the whole start menu to Win8 and are highly customizable to boot too. Bringing back just the start button is useless and entirely cosmetic. Yes - Linux is a real alternative I am very happy to have! Please do not try to get around our rude word filters like that.
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