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Vertical Black Lines on spesific Scenery

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Hello all i have vertical black lines on mykonos x scenery and interesting Not on another airport or scenery... its simply only occurs on this....

anyone know whats going on there ?

they are not permanent they are popping up and gone but more frequently on some dgrees of spot view pannings

i made some search but couldnt find spesific solution... buffer pools settings also not effecting...


its on both DX9 and DX10 (in dx9 lines sometimes blue sky colored)

here i manage to cach them;


here my cfg edits;










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You have some tweaks I have never seen before, like min land class level and image pixels for autogen polygon. Where did you get those and what do they do?


Try backing up your cfg, then delete it and let FSX build a new one and see if that fixes your problem.

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1. from one of the scenery's manual im using ''Lord Howe Island X''
here what it says;


''In the [TERRAIN] section change:
IMAGE_PIXELS_FOR_AUTOGEN_POLYGON= *** (could be anything here)
If you did not have this entry you can just add it to the [TERRAIN] section
These tweaks will make sure the trees stay firmly planted on the surface (at these higher settings
this can be an issue for FSX) and will allow the vertical mountain faces to be textured in the highest quality.''

i dont know what happens witout it i didnt tryed..
but theres no connection to my problem i think.... because im not using autogen on mykonos x


2. from offical fsinsider;


''This setting will decrease load times but will degrade the quality of distant scenery''


(the default is 10) (11 is same with fs9)



fresh cfg didnt do anything it looks like something wrong with scenery only :Z

i made another flights with zoom out spot view they look like game's X,Y,Z cordinats some of them lateral crossing ect.. realy weird...

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