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How to install AICarriers2 in P3D?

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I understand that AI Carriers2 works in P3D, but I also have read on the aussiex forum that for those who do not use FSX there is a special process to install AI Carriers. Problem is, if there is a special install procedure, I can't find it anywhere!  I tried installing on my own, but get an error message that certain ships are missing.  Also, I am unable find a way to activate AI Carriers in P3D, so I uninstalled everything.


Has anyone, using P3D exclusively, been able to install AI Carriers 2?  If so, will you kindly share how you were able to install it? Thanks!! :Big Grin:



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AICarriers2 is working fine with P3D on my end.  I dont have FSX on my HDD any longer. And I dont recall having any issues when I originally installed AICarriers2. Are you trying to install from AICarriers2r2.zip (latest version)?


AICarriers2 starts from the exe.xml file for P3D, for example  C:\Users\xxxx\AppData\Roaming\Lockheed Martin\Prepar3D\exe.xml. Once started you should see a options for it under Addons in the P3D menu bar. It can also be started manually from wherever you selected to install it for example C:\Program Files (x86)\AICarriers\aicarriers.exe.


As far as I can recall I never had to move any ships from FSX to P3D to get it working but its been over a year. I more than likely used the Estonia Migrator Tool to install it to P3D also.


I'd check that version of AICarriers.


EDIT:  Just glanced thru the Readme for AICArriers and noticed this tidbit of info:


- Hard deck ship models :
    Hard pad versions of the standard cruiser and destroyer models included with FSX. Note that this option is useless and thus disabled if you have the Acceleration XPack since it already contains hardened models.


I'm not going to run the installer to check it out for fear of trashing whats working now but it sounds like there may be an option to enable/disable certain ship models during the install. Take a look at that also. 

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