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  1. I have the Net version of AI Carriers installed and its working as it should. I havent had a chance to get the Ike and Nimitz installed yet but the default carrier is working with AICarriers2. I have never used the exe.xml to start the program with the sim. I always started it via a shortcut on the desktop.
  2. I've always disabled the onboard chip via "Device Manager". Left click on the Intel HD Graphics and select disable. Let P3d create new cfg. Never had any issues this way
  3. This fixed the issue on my end... http://www.sim-outhouse.com/sohforums/showthread.php?82973-C-47-from-Manfred-Jahn-and-team/page12&highlight=flickering Post#280
  4. I moved the F/A-18 over without issues. I copied/paste the SimObjects\FA-18 folder into P3D then went into the \gauges, \effects, \sound and \fonts and copied/paste anything with fa-18 or f-18 in its name. I removed FSX from my system over a year ago and I'm speaking from what I remember. Be aware there maybe other folders with required files in them. A critical one is FA18.dll and I believe its in the \gauges folder. It can be done but you'll have to look for those additional files. in fact I have modded my hornet using the Sludge and the FSXBA mods. I've had no problems with either.
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