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  1. got it solved...my visual detail was on medium, so I turned it up one notch and it worked
  2. XP11, using the WED program, overhead flood lights. Is there something besides just placing them to make them work?
  3. I wish they would make the additional DLC a little more user friendly, vis a vis new content. It's a bit confusing as it stands.
  4. Am I right in thinking there are no airports in this new Utah area?
  5. http://steamcommunity.com/profiles/76561198004958868/screenshots/
  6. I have pretty much one test for FM...just stall the plane. If it doesn't stall right, the FM is not right.
  7. FM is a big deal for me and few simulators have it right. I think DCS and IL-2 have very good flight models but FSX and AF2 don't, really, neither does the Thirdwire line, although all of them have pluses. Since I used to fly small planes, I know what a stall feels like and AF2 doesn't model it well or at all, it seems. But as for looks, no one can beat AF2. It does give you a genuine sense of flight strictly in the visual category, which is huge. If you want to know what flight LOOKS like, I would recommend AF2.
  8. there is no process for updating, right? It's done automatically?
  9. I noticed that after I deleted the lensflare texture that it made it's way back.
  10. How do they make these cockpits look so good? In FSX you get all this shimmering with any straight line...not so in AF2. And no clipping of aircraft! Best looking sim I've ever seen. DCS looks good but it will barely run on my mid-range machine. AF2 runs very very well! I do hope there are some options in the future to get rid of the lens flare and things like that and we could use some manuals as well.
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