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Runways Edit FSX

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I installed an updated ADE file and after updating all databases using makerwys v .  Looking at the runways text file I see that the new ADE file has incorrect ILS frequencies for two of the runways,


The text excerpted from makerunways is:

Airport LIRF :N41:48:00.9970  E012:14:20.0000  14ft
          Country Name="Italy"
          State Name=""
          City Name="Rome"
          Airport Name="Fiumicino"
          in file: F:\FSX\Addon Scenery\\scenery\LIRF_ADE_RS.BGL
          Runway 16C/34C centre: N41:49:36.5927  E012:15:58.5534  14ft
              Runway 16C closed for landing and take-off
              Runway 34C closed for landing and take-off
              Hdg: 162.650 true (MagVar 0.500), Asphalt, 1972 x 17 ft
              Primary ILS ID = FNN
              Primary ILS: FNN  108.50 Hdg: 162.6 , Flags: GS DME "ILS/DME 16C"
              Secondary ILS ID = ITA
              Secondary ILS: ITA  108.50 Hdg: 342.6 , Flags: GS DME "ILS/DME 34C"
          Runway 16R/34L centre: N41:47:55.8787  E012:14:00.0121  14ft
              Start 16R: N41:48:54.2533  E012:13:35.5663  14ft Hdg: 162.6T, Length 12813ft 
              Computed start 16R: Lat 41.815628 Long 12.226303
              Start 34L: N41:46:57.4717  E012:14:24.4577  14ft Hdg: 342.6T, Length 12813ft 
              Computed start 34L: Lat 41.782082 Long 12.240370
              Offset Threshold secondary: 1053 feet
              Hdg: 162.640 true (MagVar 0.500), Asphalt, 12813 x 197 ft
              Primary ILS ID = FRR
              Primary ILS: FRR  110.30 Hdg: 162.6 , Flags: GS BC "ILS 16R"
              Secondary ILS ID = ISW
              Secondary ILS: ISW  108.90 Hdg: 342.6 , Flags: GS BC "ILS 34L"
              *** Runway *** LIRF0162 Lat 41.815628 Long 12.226303 Alt 14 Hdg 162 Len 12813 Wid 197 ILS 110.30, Flags: GS BC
              *** Runway *** LIRF0341 Lat 41.782082 Long 12.240370 Alt 14 Hdg 342 Len 12813 Wid 197 ILS 108.90, Flags: GS BC
          Runway 7 /25  centre: N41:48:16.3843  E012:15:03.9297  14ft
              Runway 7  closed for landing
              Runway 25  closed for landing
              Start 7 : N41:48:01.9041  E012:14:11.4671  14ft Hdg: 69.7T, Length 10842ft 
              Computed start 7 : Lat 41.799397 Long 12.232380
              Offset Threshold primary: 1365 feet
              Start 25 : N41:48:34.3308  E012:16:08.9641  14ft Hdg: 249.7T, Length 10842ft 
              Computed start 25 : Lat 41.809704 Long 12.269803
              Hdg: 69.720 true (MagVar 0.500), Asphalt, 10842 x 148 ft
              Secondary ILS ID = FEE
              Secondary ILS: FEE  109.70 Hdg: 249.7 , Flags: GS BC "ILS 25"
              *** Runway *** LIRF0070 Lat 41.799397 Long 12.232381 Alt 14 Hdg 69 Len 10842 Wid 148
              *** Runway *** LIRF0250 Lat 41.809704 Long 12.269803 Alt 14 Hdg 249 Len 10842 Wid 148 ILS 109.70, Flags: GS BC
          Runway 16L/34R centre: N41:49:45.1448  E012:16:06.6355  14ft
              Start 16L: N41:50:43.5842  E012:15:42.1721  14ft Hdg: 162.6T, Length 12823ft 
              Computed start 16L: Lat 41.845993 Long 12.261472
              Start 34R: N41:48:46.6730  E012:16:31.0970  14ft Hdg: 342.6T, Length 12823ft 
              Computed start 34R: Lat 41.812424 Long 12.275548
              Hdg: 162.650 true (MagVar 0.500), Asphalt, 12823 x 197 ft
              Primary ILS ID = FLL
              Primary ILS: FLL  108.10 Hdg: 162.6 , Flags: GS BC "ILS 16L"
              Secondary ILS ID = FSS
              Secondary ILS: FSS  109.30 Hdg: 342.6 , Flags: GS BC "ILS 34R"
              *** Runway *** LIRF0161 Lat 41.845993 Long 12.261472 Alt 14 Hdg 162 Len 12823 Wid 197 ILS 108.10, Flags: GS BC
              *** Runway *** LIRF0342 Lat 41.812424 Long 12.275548 Alt 14 Hdg 342 Len 12823 Wid 197 ILS 109.30 


Note that the latest Navigraph charts indicate that Rwy 16R should be 109.75 and Rwy 34R should be 111.550 .


Can I edit this for correction in the text file or does the ADE need to be corrected and re-compiled?





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You need to edit the relevant BGL, save it and then run makerunways again. AES may work but make sure you make a copy of the original first.


If this relates to the recent Aerosoft version of LIRF there was considerable discussion on the quality of this scenery in the Aerosoft forum although I couldn't find anything relating specifically to wrong ILSs.

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Thanks for the reply, Ray.  I see that I double-posted and I apologize for that.  Perhaps the forum moderator can delete that double-post.


Now, I have the ADE Editor from Scruffy Duck.  I also have FSX Deluxe and all the SP(s) installed.  Given this, can I install the SDK from the disk at this point in order to gain the ability to compile changes without affecting the existing FSX installation?



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Hi Dom,


I wasn't aware you had to install the SDK before you could use ADE to edit bgl files. But I can't imagine it will do any harm to do it. I'm still running FS9 although I have made occasional changes to FSX BGLs using ADE.


Bear in mind you won't be able to modify any legacy BGLs, only 3rd party ones such as those provided in the LIRF package.

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You can change only certain NAVAID properties in FS9, maybe a few more in FSX using ADE. Here's an example of a stock LIRF ILS:




The white boxes are editable. Notice that FS ILS/LZ properties from default airports have the back course enabled. Your makerwys log shows this to be the case for your example. This can be harmful especially if the same frequency is used at both ends of a runway. Until the aircraft is on an extended center line within about two degrees it most probably will receive the incorrect ILS/LZ as indicated by the ident you receive and you will get a "ghost" glideslope and reverse localizer sensing. Unless actually used as noted in your charts, turn off the BC property.


To change the properties in your bgl use File, Open Airport From BGL, and browse to:

F:\FSX\Addon Scenery\\scenery\LIRF_ADE_RS.BGL


That will decompile that file into the ADE internal project format. I recommend you now save the decompilation first as a project. Next Lists, Navaids, and double click the navaid in question.


Next do a list, Comms. Insure that frequencies are listed for your airport. This is needed because ADE places a delete all previous frequencies in the compilation and your original bgl must have them to be included. If not you can get them from your chart or bring them in from stock (which will include all airports in that area FS tile so delete the ones not relevant). Another option is to save the compilation in XML format. You then find the line Delete All Frequencies and change it from TRUE to FALSE and save the .xml file. XML files can be edited with a text editor or your browser. You then compile the XML file with the bgl compiler provided with ADE. Yet another option is to pay $10 roughly for the ADE Pro Certificate which will let you CAREFULLY edit the xml within ADE. See the DOCUMENTATION. In most cases this may not be needed.


Make the indicated navaid changes you require, and then do a save to project. When all your editing is done save the project a final time and then compile the project into a bgl. Choose a name different then the original. Place the file into the same folder as needed and change the original LIRF_ADE_RS.BGL to LIRF_ADE_RS.BGh to preserve as backup and avoid conflict.


An ADE project file contains data used for ADE compilation which does not make it into a .bgl but is needed for further editing so only compile after you save a project. This provides incremental steps for correcting errors that allow you to make changes without losing those special instructions as would occur in a compile, decompile, change, compile, decompile, compile sequence. just create a folder to save the project.


We can get deeper if needed but for your needs I think I've covered the procedure and the complex comm frequency procedure options will most likely not be required.









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