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Hey guys!
First, I'd like to introduce myself:
My name is Marius, I'm a sailplane pilot and a dedicated painter for quite a few years now.
Maybe you already know my homepage EDRM-Repaints.

My focus has mostly been on paints for GA so far but I'm actually beginning to do more paints for airliners.
I think it's best to show some pictures of my latest releases instead of too much talking. smile.png








If you'd like to stay tuned on my projects you can like EDRM-Repaints on facebook.

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+1.  Very nice work.  Welcome to AVSIM.  Think you'll get a lot of followers!


Best regards,


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Thanks for your feedback.

In the future EDRM-Repaints will not only be focussed on repaints anymore, instead I will add unified checklists for a variety of aircraft.

First it was just an idea to get rid of the thousands of (partly incomplete) different checklists, thus having one personal layout of a checklist for different aircraft types.

Just like a airline has one. By now I've already released a checklist for the Avro RJ-Series and there are more to follow.

For example the checklist of the Fokker 70/100, which is about to be released soon and a 737NG checklist which still needs some work and test flights.

I hope with this step some paints designed for complex airplanes become more enjoyable.  :biggrin:  

And now, in case you own the QW Avro-Jet, go ahead and try the first checklist uploaded!

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Very nice KLM livery.

A bit off color and the reg font is incorrect.


Leen de Jager

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Hey Leen
Do you have the Reg. font? I was searching for it without success so I finally took a default one and turned it to fit.
And well, the KLM color is the same procedure any time: You got a blue, you cange it, you repeat the process around 500 times to end up with try one again. :D
What do you suggest, brighter, darker? 
I'm very willing to update this as the KLM is my favorite airline. :)
Btw: In between I have realeased the old Martinair Vliegschool paint for that beauty:


(Yes, "Lelystad" font is slightly incorrect as well, also had a search without any results on that one :( )

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Hi Marius.


The light blue is quiet OK, its the cheatline wich is off-color.
Try RGB 3-31-94.


Wich font, I have no idea, just having a good look at pictures and reproduce manually will do the trick.
MIND the position of the characters and the  -


The nose should only read A not BA.

The Martinair is very good.

Just the - in the reg is a bit to long.





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Thanks for the advice, I'll try that color next time I start my sim.

Regarding the BA I used this reference material. I guess they have changed it from time to time just as some other details and stickers on the plane.

(There are two more version to follow, starring a broader variety of the clubs paints ;) ).


On the Martinair I used a official font-template so I just checked the dimensions of the complete reg. and not interal proportions.

I'll do that as well.

I really appreciate your constructive critism, it's something useful on trying to improve the quality of my paint.

Nog eens dank je wel!

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