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Need upgrade advise please- CPU and Graphics card

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Hi all,

Looking to increase performance here. As an example, at FSDT's KJFK V.2, I'm getting FPS in the mid teens with PMDG 737. Just using FSrealwx weather, no additional add on scenery and minimal traffic.

I certainly need an updated graphics card as I currently run an AMD 6800 series ( 1GB). My CPU is an I7-870 ( 2.9 GHZ, quad). I have 8GB RAM and an 850W power supply.  OS is Windows 7 64 bit. A few questions here:


1) With an updated Graphics card (ex. Nvidia GTX 760) , is the I7 870 still a viable CPU, or should I get a more powerful, updated one.  My goal would be to see the PDMG 737 get somewhere in the mid , perhaps high 20's FPS at FSDT airports.  I don't mind spending the $$ to do that but I don't want to waste it either.

2) If an updated CPU is in order, what is a good recommendation for getting me close to my goals ( see above). My budget is around $600 for both, a CPU ( if needed) and a graphics card.

3)  What's a good Graphics card these days for FSX for $300 ?

4) What's a good CPU for FSX for $300 ?


If I do upgrade, I will then want to get FTX Global, a good weather engine, and traffic program. So I'd want the new graphics card and CPU to support all these add-on's in reasonable fashion, not to mention ones I already have like Coolsky DC-9  and PMDG products. I'm not asking for 30+ frames in the NGX  VC at FSDT airports with traffic and weather, but certainly a step up what I'm seeing now (teens).  I hope my goals are realistic given what I want to spend in upgrades.


 According to Umberto at FSDT, he seemed to stress spending the money on the Graphics card rather than the CPU for FSX. 10 different people will probably get you 10 different answers on that one I'm sure.


Any help or guidance here is appreciated .




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It depends how many monitors you want to run and how much $$$ or €€€ got to spend. The fact is, nothing will tame fsx 100% its dog chase tail program. The cpu part intel i5 or i7 with k if want to overclock haswell or ivy . Mobo get one stick fastest ram sticks as possible. Graphic card 760 gtx plenty for single monitor if mulitple monitor gtx 780.


Fsx some will spend 5k or more on fsx desktop others 1k or less.

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Fastest cpu/mb/memory you can afford with plans to overclock, period.


Video card is less important unless you plan to run multi monitor at high res and AA. nVidia  GTX 700 series should be plenty in most cases.

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