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My FSX story ... thanks are in order

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"FSX, where there's smoke there's a fire" (an old adage from Beeblebrox).

It's been an exhilarating few weeks ... sometimes a little frustrating; I have pulled my hair out, stomped my feet, harrumphed and even gnashed my teeth, but it was absolutely worth it in the end! First a little background.


I've been a solid X-Planer since a leaving my FS5 days ... however I've had FSX only a relatively short while; since the day I bought the VRS Superbug, because I wanted a fast mover and DCS wasn't supplying one with the degree of systems fidelity I wanted back then ... it's complicated but bear with me.


I have been (unfairly) critical of the MS series of flight-sims in the past ... because of the various issues that invariably get discussed, but I'm NOT going to focus on those issues (all sims have them). Instead I'd like to detail what helped me to experience my present change of view, and hopefully illustrate why a single minded prejudicial perspective can limit some fantastic flight simming experiences.  (It's easy to fall into that trap ... this "us-and-other-isms" is what ends up defining our experience when we should be about focusing on what we can do in order to enjoy the experience of simulated flight).


In my case, the catalyst's (plural) are the many personalities from whom I've absorbed different perspectives; that there are many ways to get to where we want to be ... I certainly owe them/you my deepest gratitude (many of you are still 'current' lol).


I have over a period of time, begun to appreciate via osmosis that it is not the core Flight Sim engine that we should focus on or blame the shortcomings of  ... because all of them are necessarily limiting in some way. A sim engine is a design choice built around compromises ... long story short, you can't have everything, and for better or worse it is what it is. Instead we can choose to look at what the plane designer has done instead; how ingenious they are at crafting solutions to overcome inherent limitations, so that we get to experience a high fidelity creative compromise with which to fly.


We are lucky to have some serious wow factor developers across ALL our sim platforms and with my new-found perspective I have doubled my choices ... and that dear friends is the background supporting the primary purpose of this post ... TO THANK YOU ALL for helping me set up FSX .. directly by answering my questions and indirectly for posting solutions through the years (and I've ferreted out using the Search function!).


FYI, I have FSX sliders on high with bloom, flare etc and DX10 ... flying the Flight1 KingAir B200 (big thumbs up!), the PC-12 & Aerosoft's Twotter Extended (amazing!) ... EZdok, REX + Extended ... and loving it. I have Real Air's Duke in my sights ... next payday for sure ... last payday I bought the LES SAAB (fantastic!). My simming life is brimming full.


FSX and X-Plane .. I can now honestly say that I can fully appreciate them both.


With gratitude,

Kris P.

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Welcome!  I confess I wasn't aware you had asked for support on install... Sorry :-(


I've been here for a while!  It's a great sim, and there's a whole lot of excellent add-ons :-)


Not that I don't like XP10, not that, and love DCS World, but... FSX IS FSX - probably the best Civil flight simulation platform ever built for the PC...


Don't miss the Duke!!! and the PMDG 777!!! and the A2A C172 ... and ... :-)

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Thanks Jcomm ... in fact your posts have helped to nurture my point of view quite a lot! :good:


I'll definitely get the Duke and the ACA 172. The 777 is too tubular for me; high altitude long haul doesn't rock my boat! I'm considering the Jetstream 41 though.

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And there's that Q-400 too, although I do not own that one, but have heard the best about it.


I also do not own any Carenados for FSX, and no Milviz, but have heard and read the best about the C310 and the Baron55 from Milviz.


Aerosoft's AXE is a must have, and of course, the Twotter Extended now available is simply amazing too, specially if you have that Lukla scenery add-on :-)


I continue to prefer X-plane's ground handling ( feels a lot more realistic than FSX's, even when we use the modified friction scalars in FSX ), reciprocating engine model is also more realistic in X-Plane ( we do not have that awful leaning bug... ), and some aspects of turbulence and wind shear, while overdone in X-plane 10 sometimes, are still more realistic than in FSX ( even with the best weather add-ons ) because for instance up / down drafts affect the whole aircraft in FSX, thus causing a kind of uniform shift ( up / down ), while in X-Plane different aircraft surface can be hit separately, and in the limit we can have an upstream and a downstream hiting the two tips of your wings... and flipping you in your back, or breaking your aircraft appart...


There are always good reasons to use both :-) and DCS ;-)

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