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Ralf Maylin

Eventually I found my airliner

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Out of the payware aircrafts I fly, Peter's A320 and 380, FlyJsim 727 and Dash 8, the Ramzess T7 is outstanding.

I like loading the plane with pax, cargo and fuel, remove the chocks and operate the pushback truck. That all, along with the possibility to listen to the passenger announcements and enjoying nice wing views is the game play, eye and ear candy that I like in a flight sim. But I like the real simming too. Starting cold and dark, preparing everything, flying in manual and automatic mode is fun in that bird. My notebook is able to handle that all with reasonable fps. Very well done!

And one more thing. The T7 simulates the feeling of flying a heavy plane perfectly. I don't have the PMDG 777, but I like the Ramzess T7 much more than the PMDG 737 NGX.


Gesendet von meinem GT-I9100 mit Tapatalk 2


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I don't have the PMDG 777


I had it - honestly, you don't need it, although I do miss the popup PFD and ND in the FF 777.


It's a very good add-on indeed :-)


I've an eye on the 757 !!!!  Actually both eyes... and... I think I never recovered from PMDG having given up on their 757 for Fly!2, leaving us hopeless by that time - I really like watching the DHL 752s leaving Lisbon licke rockets :-)

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The 757 is really well done. The aircraft itself is, overall, of the same high quality as the Saab 340, although both have their own strengths. (Despite, of course, the fact that the Saab is a small regional turboprop without FMC, but this is not important for judging how well an addon is done).


In the 757, for example, I miss the possibility to adjust the sound volume in such fine detail as in the Saab. I also would like to have not just the real Boeing manuals, but also a better introductory manual with a tutorial (and the current one has formatting errors, which give it an unprofessional look). The computer screens in the cockpit look like LCDs, but I think in 1982 they were CRTs (and the CRTs in the Saab are very well done).


On the other hand, the 757 has screaming passengers, a cabin crew (both visually and audible), more and nicer ground equipment, environment sounds at airports, a better framerate while still looking good (some people complain about the brown in the cockpit, but I like the color very much; it's very very cosy), and announcements.



So these two are my new favorites. I like the 757 also more than the A320neo, but this is because I prefer Boeing over Airbus anyway.

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