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New RAM and MOBO woes? Or am I missing something?

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Hello all,

This weekend I went and purchased the new components I was considering in this thread:

Part of this included the Maximus VI Formula and Corsair Dominator 2133 CL9 (2x4GB) RAM. While I'm still trying to piece together everything I'll have to reinstall, I'm seeing something strange with my RAM. While it's recognized as 8GB, leaving my BIOS on auto, my system seems to think it is 1333 MHz rather than 2133. Selecting 2133 in my BIOS, it notifies me the RAM is "DDR3 1333 running at 2133 MHz" and even CPU-Z says it is running at 1096 (or sometimes as low as 667) MHz. This seems apparent also because my system generally seems to be running slow. Does anyone with ASUS/ROG experience have any insight, am I missing something glaring here, or do I possibly have defective RAM (it's happened to me before)?


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Just to see if the memory will run at its rated speed and timings do this:


1- Boot into BIOS and in the Exit menu "Load Optimized Defaults".


2- In the AI Tweaker Menu set AI Overclock Tuner to "XMP"


3- After you do that scroll down to Dram Freq and check that is is now 2133, then find the DRAM TIMING CONTROL menu and go into that then confirm that your dram timings are set per the specs for your C9 2133MHz memory.


F10 and save, after booting into Windows use CPU-Z and you can confirm what speed and timings your memory is running at.


It is a lot of reading with a lot of personal opinion added in, but here is a link to the best guide on the net for the initial setup and testing of a 4770K with an Asus Z87 motherboard.  This is also the best OC'ing guide on the net that uses the lowest possible voltages.  Do not use the Asus ROG OC guide, they tell you to use voltages way higher than they need to be.

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