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How to greatly enhance the JustFlight DC-6B in 11 easy steps!

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As many of you, I was highly disappointed after I bought the Douglas DC-6B from JustFlight. Graphically it's fine, both outside and in the VC, but it suffers from poorly modelled systems, highly unrealistic engine performance and bad sounds. With a few very simple modifications, you will have a completely different aircraft. It seems to perform more or less as the DC-6B is supposed to when it comes to performance. I'm personally into advanced aircraft with complex systems like the A2A Boeing Stratocruiser, and even after these modifications the DC-6 will be a bit on the simple side system-wise. Even so, I highly enjoy it. If you own it, I really recommend you to try these fixes!


  1. Make a backup of the aircraft.cfg, sound.cfg and panel.cfg file just in case something goes wrong. We are going to modify these.
  2. Open up aircraft.cfg in WordPad or another text editor.
  3. Find the "electrical" section of the file.
  4. Add the following line directly under the last entry of the "electrical" section: electric_always_available = 1
  5. Find the "piston_engine" section of the file.
  6. Modify the line "max_design_mp" so that it reads max_design_mp=61
  7. Modify the line "emergency_boost_type" so that it reads emergency_boost_type = 0
  8. Optionally modify the line "fuel_air_auto_mixture" so that it reads fuel_air_auto_mixture = 1 This will simulate the real aircraft's "auto rich" setting and make power management much easier during climb. However, you won't be able to lean mixture during cruise. This may lead to slightly lower range.
  9. Save and close the aircraft.cfg file.
  10. Download and install the Pratt and Whitney R-2800 soundpack by Skyhigh Audio Simulations from the library. Read the readmy carefully!
  11. Download and install the Cockpit Sounds V2 by Daniel Gauthier from the library. Read the readmy carefully!

That should be it! Note that you will have two versions of the DC-6B, Domestic and International. You will need to apply the above fixes to both to see the improvements in both versions. Good luck, and let me hear what you think!

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I haven't tried this yet, but definately plan to.  Thanks for taking time to enter this heads up.  I do love the just flight DC-6 and DC-3.  The visuals of the exteriors bring back so many fond memories of when I was a kid.  No the VC isn't their strong point, but I do enjoy flying them on occasion.  Will later report back after I have tried your suggestions.

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