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PC Pilot Dave

Running FSX on 3 monitors - graphics card question?

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Hi all,


I'm close to completing a parts list for a build at the end of this month. The last outstanding item I have is the graphics card, and it's given me a bit of trouble. I was hoping everyone here could give me some recommendations. Here is the current parts list: 


Can the EVGA GeForce GTX 780 3GB run 3 monitors? I've read in a few places that for FSX it is better to run on 1 graphics card, but for other game sites, I've heard that running 3 monitors on 1 graphics card will push the graphics card to the limit. I guess I'm just looking for some clarification as I'm a bit confused now and want to make sure what I have will work before I start buying parts.


I would really appreciate anyone's feedback. Thanks so much!

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Thanks for the recommendation and pointing me to the evga thread! I read through the whole thing - great information there!


I don't really know much about monitors, resolutions, etc. I believe if I used the three Asus monitors (, it would be the same resolution as in your specs. Is there anything I am missing? I guess another way of asking would be to say is the monitor I'm looking at pretty close to what you have?


Also, do you see any issues when playing other games besides FSX? I've read FSX doesn't work well with SLI, but that seems to be something many gamers use for other games.


I REALLY appreciate you fielding all these questions. I just want to make sure I understand what I'm buying before I start investing the cash.

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Hi Dave,


That is a very good monitor. I like 27" monitors very much as I work on them all day in graphics programs. A few of things to consider.


Refresher rates - 60 is fine (all I use) but you can also go with 144 if you plan to get hardware to push higher frame rates. I guess if you read the thread included at the EVGA forum you have seen that.


Then if you ever want to run 3D with the Nvidia 3D glasses you will need a monitor that supports that. Sounds like FSX is amazing in 3D - I have not tried it.


Also a neato technology out now is support for G-Sync - read all about it here:


In your price range you can get a 24" Asus with all of the above -


My buddy who is a photographer swears by these IPS monitors for great color - HP LP2475w 24-inch IPS Widescreen LCD Monitor - I personally have no experience with them (but he is a super smart guy and usually knows what he is talking about).


As for the GTX 780 Classified I have and other games - It came with the latest - Batman, Assassins Creed, Blacklist and they all run maxed out across three screens perfectly. Also test on Arma3 and it runs great.


I think it is good you ask opinions from many different people - like you are doing - SMART! Do lots of research and then share it with everyone.


Lots of smart guys on this forum but going to some of the specialized forums and asking I fully recommend. you can find good info - they get carried away sometimes and argue for 6 pages over if a sticker is white or yellow and can be really silly but some good info there.


Watch out for the guys who drop 10k on video cards - that is their hobby not the actual practical use of the cards in the real world.


Good luck my friend!

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Thanks so much for the review, I REALLY appreciate it! You've really helped put my mind at ease. I've been checking around a lot of sites and asking a bunch of people, and I'll definitely look at the links you provided as well.


I'm going to start ordering the parts really soon and should have the build completed by the end of the month! I'm really excited about it, I've been saving up for this for a while!

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