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New to forum with 3 monitors / GT 640 2GB Question for A-10C

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I'm setting up a family flight sim.

I'm new to Flight Sims, other than the old days of WW2 fighters and the microsoft Force feedback pro with a game port.


Can I run 3 monitors on the single 2 gig EVGA GeForce GT640  with the following setup?..  ( I would prefer to keep it simple and run this one card...   at least to to start)


I have no clue if the motherboard ( see bleow ) would support 2 graphics cards or if you can run the internal graphics on the motherboard and an external card and get three independant monitor views. ( or more)?


This is all new to me.  I know the Computer is not the best but replacing it is really not an option with the cost of the other stuff.  I hope there is not too much info here...


Flight Sim Hardware aquired ( on the way ) so far is:

  • Thrustmaster a10 thunderbolt (stick and throtttle)
  • saitek combat rudder pedals
  • Track IR v5
  • Planning on Flight software....
  • DCS a-10C
  • and probably something like X plane




HP:  P6331p  - Cheap -   But it's a quad core 64 bit Windows 7 machine vs a better built 32 bit dual core Vista machine.

  • EVGA GeForce GT640 2GB ddr3 pci express
    • direct X 11
    • Open GL4.2
    • 2 DVI ports
    • 1 mini HDMI port
  • 16 Gigs Corsair XMS3 SDRAM DDR3


Processor:  AMD II X4 630

  • Manufacturer: Foxconn
  • Form factor: uATX
  • Chipset: AMD 785G
  • Memory sockets: 4 x DDR3
  • Front side bus speeds: 5200 MT/s
  • Processor socket: AM3
  • Expansion Slots:
    • 1 PCI x16 slot for graphics card
    • 3 PCI x1 slots
    • 1 PCI Express x1 minicard slot

Many thanks!




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I think you could experience good FSX-performance from your hardware. I run FSX  on three monitors with a single Geforce GTX 650. I will at some point upgrade to SLI-configuration but not now as I already get 24-30 stable frames under almost any conditions. I am also able to set LOD=6.5, which gives the sharpness needed for surround-view.


Have fun setting up your FSX-computer! Just make sure that your third monitor can connect with HDMI.  :smile:

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 The GT 640 isn't known as a gaming card but also that it isn't listed on Nvidia's site for being able to run a 3 monitor setup. It may be able to use 3 displays, but I don't think as an extended/spanned display.

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GOOD... I'm goinging to gather up my collection of monitors and hdmi tv's and see what I come up with.  I'll hold any questions that i have for now until I read what you guys put up in links and start hooking things up.  Typipcally things get answered as you go along.    Like  What the Heck is FSX ???   embarrassingly . I actually had to google that one and finally figured it out.  


 I see MR 767 made the same error I did..  GTx instead of GT.   Well, at least I have some places to look. I was starting to worry because I was reading you can, you can't.. yada yada...   


I started out confused about the GT - GTX difference ( of which there seems to be a Huge difference in performance)  which is why I could not afford one when i bought my gpu !


 Well, at least we can fly and not have to stare out of one screen.   I can live with not seeing every little scenery detail untill I can fall back and regroup on the cash outlay.  


HEY.. I found a brand spanking new white racing style high back leather bucket seat on craigs list for $100 bucks!  





OK...  thanks for the info and I'll be back with more questions, I'm sure.





I made the decision of getting ( what I felt ) was a decent controller first, and use my existing hardware rather than spend money on something I ( we would  ) get bored with or wish we had bought in short order, so the Thrustmaster worthog seemed like a controller that could have a lot of options for other aircraft as far as switches and control options ( as well as a mock up of the A-10 )


I do have

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